why does my poop have white seeds in it?

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White stool isn't normal and may indicate a serious liver problem. ... What would cause a person to have white stool? Should I be concerned? Answers from Michael F ... - read more

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Doctor insights on: Small Seeds In Stool Share ... Sometimes i have a small white ball in my stools what does this mean is it ... HealthTap does not provide ... - read more

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White, seed-like spots in stool; strenuous BMs Save ... i got white seeds in my stool for ... you dont have to go into that much detaile about what your poop looked ... ... read more
One thing I began to wonder when I first brought home my LO from the hospital was what are the "seeds" in "seedy poop"? ... or mustard colored with white "seeds" in ... ... read more
Hi there The caretakers at daycare told me that my 5 month old baby had a huge poop and it was green and full of seeds, ... told me they have never seen poop like ... ... read more
Common Causes of White Specks in Stools. ... But I have noticed that I have white spots, more like seeds in my stool. ... My poop has white spots. ... read more
May 23, 2015 · My Newborn's Poop Looks Like Seeds. by JACKIE CARMICHAEL Last Updated: May 24, 2015. ... It is not unheard of to see seeds in a formula-fed baby's poop, ... ... read more
Baby poop: A complete guide. IN ... Poop with mucus. Does your baby's diaper look like it ... usually in little flecks that look like black poppy or sesame seeds ... ... read more
Sep 11, 2006 · White Seeds In Stool . I have small white seeds in my stools. ... White Seeds In Stool. Must Read. Pain. Chronic pain affects more than 70 million Americans. ... read more
Sincerely, Crapping the Rainbow. Dear CtR, The color of your poop does mean something, but often times it has more to do with what you eat than what horrible things ... ... read more
The Scoop on Poop Answers to 7 FAQs ... Why does my poop smell so bad? ... Animals and Poop. The white part of bird stool is actually the bird’s version of urine. ... read more
The Scoop On Your Baby’s Poop: A Color Guide ... mustard-colored stools that sometimes contain what look like tiny white “seeds.” ... White or Gray: Contact ... ... read more
2. What should my poop look like? When you do go to the bathroom, it’s ideal to have a poop that is all connected in one long, smooth “S” shape. ... read more
Jan 13, 2014 · Good News: Your Poop Is ... I have learned that people have quite high expectations of their poo and ... quinoa grains and sesame seeds, ... ... read more
5 Reasons Why Dogs Eat Poop. ... bad stomach which is aggravated by certain meats such as beef and white bread. I don’t understand why he’s doing this when he’s ... ... read more
White seed in stool. Premium Questions . ... Sir I have white seeds like spots in my stools Please help me about this I ahve suffering from Gas SInce quite a long time. ... read more
Message Board HealthBoards > Board ... have had chronic constipation and am finding specs that look exactly like sesame seeds in my stool. ... the small white things ... ... read more
Ever wondered what your poop says about your ... I also eat yogurt with Chia seeds and drink warm lemon water in the morning to start things moving and still I am ... ... read more
Examine Your Dog's Poop for This Unnerving Sign of Parasites. ... moving around in recently passed poop, ... are what look like grains of white rice ... ... read more
I have been passing a white square floating feces with ... ehhhh my poop doesn't exactly have the personality that i wish it would but i guess ill just have to ... ... read more
Black seed parasite stool. ... I have been constipated for a couple weeks now and have seen what looks like white seeds in my stool however I haven't ... Her poop was ... ... read more
Jan 11, 2008 · Like where do the seeds come from right? I am not sure, ... Why are breastfed baby's poop seedy? Add your answer. Source. Submit Cancel. Report Abuse. ... read more
Strings in poop Save this for ... my wife was diagnosed with IBS a couple years ago..she's recently noticed on 2 separate occasions off white stringy slimy stuff ... ... read more
Diaper Decoder Questions about your baby’s health? Her diaper may be full of answers. ... A white stool is very rare, but if your baby's poop is white, ... ... read more
Use this baby poop guide to distinguish natural changes from warning signs that require a visit to the doctor's office. ... 12. White Baby Poop. ... read more
Feb 09, 2010 · What are the white, wiggly worms in my cat's poop? ... or even sesame seeds. ... What are the white, wiggly worms in my cat' ... ... read more
Aug 15, 2013 · White Stool in Children. by JESSICA BRUSO Last Updated: Aug 16, 2013. Jessica Bruso. ... However, having white stools is something to be concerned about, ... ... read more
Loose stool w/ gritty sandy grainy stuff? My son is 18 months ... 2 year olds poop feels like sand gritty why is this? My 2 year olds poop feels like sand gritty why ... ... read more
When my poop is bright red, the culprit is usually beets I ate a day or two before. ... But recently, faced with another clean white bowl of shocking red poop, ... ... read more
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