why does my mouth itch when i eat bananas?

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May 10, 2010 · Why do bananas make my mouth itch? ... Whenever I eat bananas, my mouth and ears itch? This didn't happen when I was a child? More questions. Why does the roof of my mouth itch after eating ... Sep 12, 2011 5 answers Itchy ears after I eat bananas and melons? |... Apr 28, 2009 9 answers Why do my lips get so itchy after eating a... Dec 22, 2009 6 answers - read more

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... Not One but Two Types of Allergic Reactions ... (every time I eat them it makes my palms itch, ... I wear latex gloves my mouth hurts when I eat bananas ... ... read more
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... allergy to raw fruit and veg and i love fruit but dont eat enough cause my lips sting something fierce and inside my mouth and throat ... Itchy throat eating fruit. ... read more
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