why does my ear wax smell sweet?

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One For Each Ear? As an Asian lady, I ... The result also suggests wet wax is smellier. Gahh. So why do this research? ... Popular Science TV; - read more

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... Bad Ear Smell Smelly Ear – Causes of Foul Ear Odor, ... .however the hearing is NOT better and I can still tell there is a TON of wax stink still in my left ear ... read more
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Jan 27, 2014 · How to Rid Smells in My Ears. ... A foul smell in the ear may indicate an ear infection. ... Ear wax is a normal occurrence and serves a useful purpose. ... read more
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Maple syrup urine disease; ... The smell is also present and sometimes stronger in the ear wax of an affected individual at these times. ... read more
People Sometimes Like Stinky ... I’ll leave you with my favorite example of a “love to hate” smell, from my ... I like the smell of my own ear wax! ... read more