why does it burn when i put lotion on my legs?

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Jan 15, 2008 · Why does it burn when I put moisturizer on my legs? ... I have the same problem if I put lotion on my legs right after I ... My legs burn and itch after I ... why does my skin burn when i put lotion on it? |... Jul 06, 2011 4 answers Why does skin burn when you put lotion on after... Jan 04, 2012 8 answers Why do my legs sting when I put on lotion after... Jun 06, 2008 7 answers - read more

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Lots of reasons for burning. If you keep using the same lotion, you may be having an allergic reaction to it. Does it happen with a different lotion ? Are your legs ... - read more

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Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Eastern on why do my legs burn when i put lotion on them: ... HealthTap does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, ... ... read more
Why Does Lotion Burn Dry Skin? How to Find the Right Lotion ... For even more hydration, put on the lotion and then slip on socks or gloves. ... read more
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Jun 20, 2008 · Why does my skin sting/itch when i put lotion on it ... i shave my legs in the shower kind of fast could ... Why does skin burn when you put lotion on ... ... read more
... WHY in the heck does my skin hurt? prairieannie. ... Does anyone know why? Does anyone share this symptom, ... I get this primarily on my legs and the top of my feet. ... read more
Jun 05, 2008 · I usually put on lotion on my legs about 30 minutes ... and use that on your legs. If they still burn, ... my legs sting when I put on lotion after ... ... read more
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Bump-Free Lotion: After you shave and ... use an alcohol-free lotion to avoid irritating your freshly shaved legs and those unsightly red “razor burn ... My Tips ... ... read more
Why does it burn when i put lotion on my legs after i shave. ... Why does it burn when I put lotion on my legs after I shave? ... Always wait to put it on and try ... ... read more
My skin stings when i put on ... on some vaseline before you sleep. then wash your face in the morning and put your moisturizer on. i use aveeno as my lotion. ... ... read more
Burning pain on skin? ... My legs burn, esp my right one. Dont know why, ... when you admin people put your heads together again ... ... read more
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7 Ways To Prevent And Treat Razor Burn. OR how to shave like ... everyone was telling me that my legs looked like a ... Have you ever put perfume or deodorant on ... ... read more
Severe sunburn may require special burn cream and burn dressings from your GP or a nurse at your GP surgery. ... (SPF) is around 35ml or 6 to 8 teaspoons of lotion. ... read more
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Skin Problems & Treatments Community Announcements. Attention All WebMD Community ... I have to put lotion on and cover my legs to even be able to stand it. ... read more
... and shaving at the beginning of your shower are just a few things you could be doing wrong when shaving your legs. ... razor burn. Close shaving can ... put a ... ... read more
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Why does a mosquito bite itch? a. ... To help control the itch, you may want to try calamine lotion or over-the-counter ... can make your cut or burn itch when it ... ... read more
To treat razor burn, ... How do I treat razor burn all over my legs? ... the more likely you are to get razor burn. Apply lotion 30 minutes after finishing your shower. ... read more
Why does hearing dimish when we yawn? ... Put simply, AMAZING! permalink; embed; ... afterwards I would use lotion to keep my skin from getting too dry. ... read more
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Could my legs be numb after using Nair? ... you just put chemicals that will burn your skin and hair on your body, ... Cookies make wikiHow better. ... read more
Jun 25, 2008 · Whenever i put most lotions on my legs i get a ton of small red ... it eliminates the razor burn part ... Its probably an irratation bc you put lotion on ... ... read more
How to treat post-burn itching? from ... burns on both legs. "Once I got out and pulled my pants and ... of moisturizing lotion several times a day to ... ... read more