why do my legs hurt when i lay down to sleep?

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My legs ache very bad when I lay down. ... If I SIT like I am now my legs do not hurt, when I stand/walk they don''t hurt either???? I can''t sleep due to the PAIN ... - read more

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Leg pain, but only when I lay down. MSG Posts: ... I sleep mostly on my side and it's my leg ... I have pain in my legs when I lay down and it is always the side that ... - read more

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why do my legs ache when i lay down Submitted: 4 years ago. ... Any visible veins on the lower legs? Q. Which part of the legs ache, thighs, ... ... read more
Are you bothered by an almost irresistible urge to move your legs when you lie down or relax? If so, you may have a sleep ... which may explain why restless legs ... ... read more
You might have Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), a neurological disorder in which you feel an uncomfortable sensation in your legs (such as throbbing, pulling or creeping ... ... read more
... diagnosis of Restless Leg Syndrome works and learn how proper treatment options and decisions can help you on National Sleep ... RLS (Restless Legs ... down, do ... ... read more
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Pain Management: Leg Hurts When I Lay Down. ... Why does my right leg hurt every time i lay down to go to sleep? It hurts inside and my hip area sometimes hurts as well. ... read more
Apr 16, 2010 · my upper and back part of both legs hurt while i lay down or have ... Why do i have pain in legs? ... pain while i sit down. it starts when i'm in a sleep ... PLEASE HELP!! My legs ache so bad... what is... Jul 21, 2009 10 answers Why do my legs hurt when I lay down? | Yahoo... Aug 06, 2010 1 answer ... read more
Zocdoc › Answers › Why do my legs hurt only at ... My legs both of them start to hurt. it is just about the entire leg below ... or getting ready to go to sleep. ... read more
My legs hurt most of the time and expecially when I sleep. ... sitting down for more than 1 hr my legs start to hurt ... back of my leg when i lay down this ... ... read more
Why do my feet burn at night when I'm trying to go to sleep? ... Why do my feet burn at night when ... Q How can high blood glucose from diabetes affect my legs and ... ... read more
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Sleep Disorders; Family Health; ... more when I'm on cement. and at night when Im lay down my legs hurt ... 2008. why do my legs hurt at night when I lay down ... ... read more
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when I lay down my back, arms, and legs, go numb but they hurt and tingle. I can't sleep. My neck hurts ... I have numbness & tingling & pain in my legs & feet & left ... ... read more
Aching Legs When Lying Down. Aching legs when lying down is a common problem that affects most people across the world, especially the elderly. Advertisement. ... read more
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Why Do My Hips Ache? By ... If this feeling was in my legs I'd swear it was RLS ... I am a paraplegic I do not understand why my hips hurt real badly when I lay down ... ... read more
Why Restless Legs Syndrome Disrupts Sleep. ... No one knows for sure why RLS peaks just as you're winding down ... She knew that daytime sleeping only hurt her ... ... read more
I try to lay flat on my back to sleep but I haven't found this ... mostly like joint pain but the whole leg hurt and both legs. ... left leg pain - only at night. ... read more
... i need get this restless legs sorted . As no sleep is ... hurt all the time if I get down on the floor I can't stand ... Why would my restless legs sydrome keep ... ... read more
Feb 11, 2013 · anyone have burning, aching legs? ... and my legs hurt so bad I couldn't get to sleep for a ... kitties are kind enough to lay on top of my legs, ... ... read more
It is from my knee down and my feet hurt most of ... are looking for a cool spot on the sheets to lay. ... feelings in your legs and helps you sleep ... ... read more