why do my legs and feet fall asleep so fast?

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Why Does My Foot Keep Falling Asleep? ... a condition which can lead to nerve damage in the legs and feet. ... so we can help you determine what’s really going on ... - read more

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... legs and feet fall asleep? ... when your limbs fall asleep. Learn why. NOW; ... insulation" around them and so take longer to begin transmitting ... ... read more
May 10, 2006 · ... if I cross my legs or if I lean funny ... Why do my feet and arms fall asleep so fast? ... such as your body if you are sitting on your feet). ... Why do my feet, legs, hands fall asleep so fast?... Jan 30, 2007 2 answers My legs are constantly falling asleep? why? |... Apr 23, 2012 14 answers My legs fall asleep alot? | Yahoo Answers Mar 09, 2008 8 answers ... read more
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I have a footrest under my desk to keep my legs/feet up so I don't cut off circulation... it helps some. ... My arms used to fall asleep all the time ... ... read more
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Legs and arms "go to sleep" easily ... some time after that my legs or arms fall asleep while I'm sleeping and this causes for me to wake up in the middle of the night. ... read more
Dr. Ettinger responded: Compression. On veins and nerves. ... read more
Aug 15, 2013 · If your foot falls asleep ... particularly the nerve in the metatarsal arch at the ball of your feet, and make your feet fall asleep. ... Why Do My Feet ... ... read more
Sep 08, 2011 · ... but my legs will fall asleep ... > Multiple Sclerosis > Everything falls asleep ... out why my legs were so stiff and painful at the end ... ... read more
Dr. Gerard responded: May have neuropathy. You may have ... ... read more
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Pregnancy: First Trimester ... (like in my case) so your arms and legs ... go to the hospital immediately. the same processes that make your arms and legs fall asleep ... ... read more
There are many different causes of hands falling asleep, ... and the only time my hands fall asleep is when I'm playing ... feet, legs and even my face if the attack ... ... read more