why do i have ridges on my big toenail?

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Jun 27, 2013 · What Are Nail Ridges: Are They A Sign Of A Health Problem? 06/28/2013 08:43 am ET | Updated Mar 11, ... Why do my fingernails have ridges lengthwise on them? - read more

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Fatigue, Dry Cough, Toenail Ridges vrage. For the past ... And I'm not sure if this is related, but I also have horizontal ridges on both my big toenails. ... read more
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White spots on toenails may appear as very small semicircular discolorations and these often indicate injury to the matrix of the ... Thick Toenail; Fingernail Ridges; ... read more
The horizontal ridges are usually called "trauma lines" on the toenails and indicate changes in your nail growth pattern at the root level. ... ... read more
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Ridges on my poor toenails! ... My fingernails are fine but my toenails have ridges that you can see!! ... candida problems are often only manifested in toenail ... ... read more
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Nail disease or disorder; ... An affected nail has many grooves and ridges, ... especially on the thumb or big toe, ... ... read more
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Find out what causes ridges on finger nails and how they can be treated and ... Ridges in fingernails. ... you may have a condition known as onychorrhexis, ... ... read more