why did i lose my voice for no reason?

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What Causes Me to Lose My Voice? Even though we commonly associate a lost voice to getting sick, ... The most common reason a person loses their voice is ... - read more

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Why do I keep losing my voice? ... Once I was sick, but the other times it just went out for no apparent reason. Could something be wrong with my vocal chords? - read more

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... "I lost my voice"? Did ... (another good reason not to ... A hoarse or raspy voice is the main symptom or sign of laryngitis. You also may have no voice at all or ... ... read more
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Oct 16, 2006 · Losing voice but no sore throat!? Hi, ... Because I used to get allergies bad and I'd lose my voice without any other symptoms? ... read more
Lost voice (Going on 3 weeks) mancourt. Hello, I'm ... If you do, you could have a granuloma on one of your vocal cords, which could cause you to lose your voice. ... read more
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