what to do when my dog has a seizure?

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WHAT SHOULD I DO . WHEN MY DOG HAS A SEIZURE? In this section there is information from the Guardian Angels' own personal experience about things they do while ... - read more

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After a Seizure . Some dogs will be perfectly normal as soon as their seizure ends but it is more common for a dog to show some abnormal behavior for anywhere from ... - read more

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There is another condition that mimics seizures. My 85 lb. female pitbull, Miz Jezebel, had what appeared to be a seizure. One day her eyes started darting, head ... ... read more
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If this is the first time this has happened, your first reaction will be colossal surprise and confusion; you know your dog, and you know he/she will eat ANYTHING, up ... ... read more
I remember the first time I witnessed a seizure in one of my dogs. The year was 2001…the night before the seizure was the last time I ever really slept. ... read more