what is why do you use 70 ethanol in dna extraction?

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Ethanol precipitation is a method used to purify and/or concentrate RNA, DNA, and polysaccharides such as pectin and xyloglucan from aqueous solutions by adding ... - read more

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I have a DNA extraction protocol that tells you to add ... I used salt out method to extract the DNA. Do you think the ... How to prepare 70% ethanol for DNA or ... - read more

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what is why do you use 70 ethanol in dna extraction? community answers

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accomplished by adding salt and ethanol to a solution containing DNA or RNA. ... do not use if downstream reactions ... (SDS remains soluble in 70% ethanol) ... ... read more
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Phenol Extraction and Ethanol Precipitation of DNA 1) ... sample prior to phenol extraction. 2) ... 1ml of 70% EtOH to the DNA pellet. This is a wash step. The 70% EtOH ... read more
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