what is who invented the ironclad ship?

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Invented in 1868 and deployed in the 1870s, ... ["First ironclad ship to sail around the world"]). ... End of the ironclad warship ... - read more

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Ironclad warships, the precursors of the modern navy, ... Like submarines and balloons, the ironclad war ship wasn't invented during the Civil War, ... ... read more
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Apr 08, 2009 · ... not to protect the ship itself. ... However, neither side invented them, nor were Ironclad ships invented during the time of the Civil War. ... read more
Ironclad, type of warship ... (11 cm) thick and backed by heavy timber. Displacing 5,617 tons, the vessel carried 36 guns. A sister ship, Couronne, soon followed; ... ... read more
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Steel & Steam Naval Technology in the Civil War Era Roger A. Bailey. ... could allow a ship to get close enough to ram and sink another ship (even an ironclad). ... read more
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Who invented ironclad ships in ... the term ironclad is almost a misnomer, as the ship was an iron raft ... by John Ericsson who had earlier invented the screw ... ... read more
Inventor. John Ericsson ... The ship was launched in 1843 as ... It was well known that the Confederacy was building an ironclad ship on the hull of the former ... ... read more
The Ironclads of the Civil War & John Ericsson, inventor ... During his early years he invented a heat ... Ericsson had worked on designs for an ironclad ship. ... read more
The Confederacy concluded in June 1861 that ironclad warships would ... when a party from the Union ship Mount Vernon burned ... Union ironclads were also ... ... read more
... Battle of the Ironclads on Mar 09, ... the Union navy constructed its own ironclad, ... temporarily blinding the ship’s captain, ... ... read more
Civil War Ironclads An Introduction. ... Having an iron hull didn't make a ship an ironclad, though. There were ironclads with wooden hulls, ... ... read more
The Union's ironclad ship involved in battle with the Confede ... invented the cotton gin. Congress allowed them to enter as a slave state and Maine as ... ... read more
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USS Monitor: A Cheesebox on a Raft From America's Civil War Magazine (historynet.com) ... The ship stood between the Confederate ironclad and the stricken Minnesota. ... read more
... technical specifications and images of the FS Sphynx / CSS Stonewall Ocean-Going Ironclad Ram ... going Ironclad Rams for 2.4 million francs per ship during ... ... read more
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Submarines, Ironclad Ships, and Trench warfare; FAQ. ... Both the Union and the Confederates used the Ironclad Ship. John Ericsson invented the ironclad ship. ... read more
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... vessel engineers improved on centuries-old wooden ship ... Thomas Edison improved on the electric light that had been invented 80 ... Ironclad Capital is a ... ... read more
Ironclad warship: Facts: ... Top rankings for Ironclad warship. 7th: ... the SMS Nassau was the first dreadnought ship built by the German Imperial Navy? ... read more
... the famous ironclad whose battle with the CSS Virginia in Hampton Roads on Mar. 9, 1862, ... The ship was again decommissioned in 1969, ... ... read more