what is white stuff in hair follicle?

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White bulb in hair follicle JamesChicago. I used to have ... Looks like I pulled it out of a hair follicle but there was no hair, just that hard white thing. - read more

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White stuff on hair follicle. ... losing hair from the tip of the root with a white follicle, please help losing hair from the tip of the root with a white follicle i ... - read more

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hardened sebum ball surrounding hair follicle ... That's the point.....the white waxy stuff on my hair is not the bulb. It's a coating surrounding the white bulb. ... read more
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Hair follicle outer root sheath; ... Hair follicle outer root sheath. Each hair follicle has an Outer Root Sheath (ORS), which ... ... read more
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A strand of beard hair gets pulled out, with the follicle ... Big hair tweezed. ... it looks like there is some pus or white looking stuff on the root of the hair. ... read more
... I cannot get a diagnosis. ... gets out this stringy white stuff that she has to pull ... was a hair follicle that looked like it had a white bulb ... ... read more
Feb 17, 2013 · I have googled blocked hair follicles, ... the white stuff just worms out as ... Pretty much every hair follicle on my scrotum have very small bumps with a ... ... read more
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... is that white blob the hair follicle's bulb, ... (stuff bought at store lily of the desert if I remember correctly) ... fallen hair with white blob at root. ... read more
When is a Nit Not a Nit? ... white, irregularly shaped ... oval shaped structure which is attached to the side of the hair shaft ranging in color from off-white to ... ... read more
white bit at end of hair follicle ... of my hair roots is a white ... out your hair root. yeah but sum have white stuff on the end and are easier to ... ... read more