what is what two colors make light blue?

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Whats colors do you mix to make light blue? ... What two colors do you mix to make blue? you can't make blue because it is not a secondary color, ... - read more

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Apr 03, 2008 · What two colors should i blend to make up sky blue or ... What Colors Make Light Blue. ... Use the darker of your two blues. Don't bother with the other blue. what 2 colors make blue?? | Yahoo Answers Nov 20, 2006 31 answers What colors mixed together make blue? | Yahoo... Jan 11, 2007 19 answers ... read more
What two colors combine to make yellow? What two colors make blue? ... Blue is a primary color and cannot be created by mixing other colors. A light blue paint is ... ... read more
What two colors make light brown? ... There are no two colors that make blue because blue is a primary color. 17 people found this useful Edit. Share to: ... read more
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What two colors make blue? ... teal is a secondary color since green and blue are both primary colors. The shade of teal may be light or dark depending on the ... ... read more
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Mixing Primary Colors. ... If any two colors from one group of primary colors are combined, ... That's because you can't make red by mixing green and blue light. ... read more
Under these circumstances, two or more colors may be perceived as one color. ... and yellow subtracts blue wavelengths from the light. The reflected light, ... ... read more
Wheel of Color. As of December 2011 ... using a blue background will make the lemons stand out more. ... These two colors don't just contrast with each other, ... ... read more
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Color Theory . A primary color is a ... Additive color synthesis is the creation of color by mixing colors of light. ... This can be accomplished by using two colors ... ... read more
... cyan is made by mixing equal amounts of green and blue light. Cyan is the ... green and blue light to create all the colors on computer ... camera with two ... ... read more
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The color wheel shows the primary colors — red, yellow, and blue — and the many colors they can combine to make. The primary colors are ... other two primary colors. ... read more
... it is the collection of colors for which at least one of the two color channels measures a value at ... mixing green light (530 nm) and blue light (460 ... ... read more
Visible Light & Color. ... add these three colors of light (red, green and blue) ... the Phun with Crayola Crayons to see what color you would get by mixing two colors. ... read more
Mixing color light is called additive color mixing because the combined colors are formed by adding light from two ... Blue light make ... colors. Mixing Colors ... ... read more
... red and blue make purple. ... blue, or yellow you use (light or dark), ... make sure that the two colour paints you are mixing are each made from one ... ... read more
Jun 01, 2008 · What colors should i combine.. to make blue ... You can't combine colors to get any kind of blue. ... Light blue and Dark Blue. ... read more
HOW TO MIX COLORS. Tips: New artists ... You will begin to notice how the light is being cast and the angles ... yellow, and blue. You can mix all other colors from ... ... read more
... colors. When a red light, a blue ... two. Block the red light and the blue and green light mix to create cyan; block the green light and the red and blue light ... ... read more
Spinning Colors: How Do Primary Colors Combine to Make New Colors?. ... which are red, green, and blue. When two primary colors of light are mixed together, ... ... read more