what is what does the letter a stand for inside a ring?

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Meaning of letters in rings? Q. ... The letters GE stand for gold electroplate and the 14K stand for 14 karats. In other words the ring is plated ... (Inside Whitney ... - read more

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... and what does the 30 on the inside of the ring stand for? how can I tell ... What do letters on inside of a ring mean ... What does the letter tm3 inside ring? - read more

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what is what does the letter a stand for inside a ring? community answers

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Hallmarks: What’s Engraved Inside My Ring? ... The lowercase letter “a” inside an elongated octagon (or rectangle with its corners clipped) ... ... read more
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Jan 01, 2008 · What do the numbers & letters mean inside ... Normally the ct of the ring and other numbers may indicate the jewellers it was sold from..A friend of ... what does the letter G mean stamped in my vintage... Jul 14, 2012 4 answers Jewelry: What do the letters "pd" mean inside a... Jul 06, 2007 3 answers What does the letter A stamped inside a gold ring... Jul 25, 2012 3 answers ... read more
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... place on the item so it does not detract from the design. Stamps will usually be located on the inside of the band on a ring, ... or the letter P still ... ... read more
A 925 stamp inside a silver-colored ring means the ring is made of sterling silver, but inside a gold-colored ring, it means the ring is made of Vermeil, ... ... read more
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Ask the Expert! Before submitting a ... have the carat stamped inside? A. A real diamond ring does not necessarily have the carat ... stamp and a capitol letter F ... ... read more
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