what is what does a dime bag of weed weigh?

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Oct 30, 2010 · How much does a dime of weed weigh? ... Back 'then" a dime bag was bought for $10. It weighed whatever your 'dealer' could get away with. How much does a nickel bag of weed weight on a... Jan 03, 2009 5 answers How much does a dime (10$ worth) of marijuana ... Oct 09, 2013 6 answers How is Marijuana measured and how much does ... -... Jun 16, 2009 1 answer - read more

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What is a Dime Bag? ... this doesn't mean how much weed is in the dime bag. for my favorite dealer, ... not a "dimebag" and does indeed weigh 3.5 grams. - read more

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Victims of the War on Weed; Sponsors; 420 HQ. ... but then again, a dime bag can be as big or small as the dealer makes it lol ... how much is a dime suppose to weigh? ... read more
how much does dime bags,? 20 sacks? half ... Forums > The Grow Room > Newbie Central > how to weigh out marijuana?? Discussion in ... bag up .7gram bags and ... ... read more
What is a Dime Bag? ... not a "dimebag" and does indeed weigh 3.5 ... a dime is a 10$ bag of weed. usually comes in the gram bags with leaves or smilies and ... ... read more
This grams to pounds weed ... When someone mentions a dime bag ... Since no one had a weed weight chart video back in the day to show them how to weigh weed, ... ... read more
How much is a dime suppose to weigh? ... What are u guys talking about? A dime refers to a $10 bag of weed which is about .5 g of chronic around here. ... read more
Marijuana Weight: Grams, Quarters, and Ounces. ... then how much does a “quart” weigh? ... The term dime bag refers to a $10 sack of weed and not a specific amount. ... read more
Weight of dime bag; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ. ... I don't know what ya'll are talking about, but a $10 bag of regular weed, ... ... read more
... but I'm wondering how much weed should be in there(size not weight) ... How much weed should i get in a dime bag? Started By Aspire , Nov 15 2007 09:20 PM. ... read more
one of my friends uncles is a hippi who used to smoke and he says a good dime back then weighed 0.8 so ... So what does a dime, dub, eighth, half and ounce weigh now ... ... read more
How much do baggies weigh? ... It totally depends upon the bag. they ... Then you will know that if you are getting an 1/8th in a sandwich bag it should weigh out ... ... read more
How much does a weed dime weight? ... How much does a dime of weed weigh? ... A dime bag is generally enough for about 3 or so bowls. ... read more
Coke dime bag.10 grams - $10. Twenty piece.20 grams - $20. Thirty piece ... Weed nickel bag.75 grams - $5. Weed dime bag. 1 gram - $10. 1/4 ounce weed. 7 grams - $30-$45. ... read more
How Much Does a Dime Bag Weigh. What is a Dime Bag of Weed. ... What Does a Dime of Weed Weigh. Dime of Weed in Grams. What is an Eighth of Marijuana. how many grams ... ... read more
How much does a dime bag weigh? A dime bag SHOULD weigh anywhere from 0.7 to 1.0 grams. ... How much does a dime of regular weed weigh? It depends, ... ... read more
... you might face a situation when you need to use your peepers to weigh a ... A dime bag does not have a certain amount of weed in it. A dime is how much weed is ... ... read more
How much does a dime weigh? A: Quick Answer. ... How many grams are in a dime sack? How much does a Canadian dime weigh? What are the dimensions of a U.S. dime? ... read more
... smaller than a quarter nickle or dime bags are Ziplock Zip Resealable ... Some Are Smaller Than A Dime. Weigh Less Than A ... Available bag Colors: black clear ... read more
Mar 02, 2004 · 'Dime Bag' is a general term for $10 worth of weed. ... yo nigga u got a dime bag? pass that shit to me .. that will be ten bucks ... Dime Bar Dame; dime ... ... read more
If your getting a dime bag of weed, where I come from it should be 1 gram. ... if you weigh your dime bag with the weed in it on a scale, it should be 1.2 grams. ... read more
Purple weed in Scotland is ... Why has an eighth become 2g/20 bag? ... 28 gram weight ten bits = 280 pound Why would you weigh up somebody a 3.5 gram eighth ... ... read more
15 Rules For New Weed Buyers To ... dumb shit like “Do you have any weed?” or “How much does a dime cost ... how much is in the bag and either weigh it or ask ... ... read more
Jan 14, 2008 · Best Answer: quarter ounce. ... Quarter Bag Of Weed ... This Site Might Help You. RE: how much does a quarter bag of weed weigh? ... It might be a quarter ... ... read more
... I talk about dime bags, nicks, and dubs. How much is a dime of weed? How big is a dime bag? I'll cover ... This means the amount you get is going to weigh ... ... read more
We used to weigh the ... The heavy resin content acted as a glue to hold the strands of weed ... but my friends & I never saw anything bigger than a dime bag ... ... read more
How Much Weight is Lost From Drying Marijuana ... what's a nickel or dime bag, ... An 8th bag should weigh exactly 1/8th of 1 ounce. ... read more
What is a dime bag and a ... Forums > Marijuana Methods and Strains > Marijuana Methods > what does "dime" and "nickel ... 10$ worth the weed and 5$ worth the weed ... ... read more