what is what does a bulging disc in the neck feel like?

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A Bulging Disc is the same thing as a ... So when does a Herniated Disc actually ... This is a primary and often definitive sign that you have a herniated neck disc. - read more

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Bulging discs most commonly occur in the lower back but can also occur in the neck and ... and disc bulging.Although there ... does a bulging disc feel like? - read more

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what is what does a bulging disc in the neck feel like? community answers

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... and you may feel neck pain and ... The most common and obvious symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease are neck pain and a ... WebMD does not endorse ... ... read more
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... most people feel much better with just a few weeks or months of ... Medicines like ibuprofen or naproxen may ... AAOS does not endorse any ... ... read more
... common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms Bulging eyes, Headache, Headache (worst ... disc disease and Cervical (neck) ... make you feel hungry, tired ... ... read more
Most thoracic disc herniations are not symptomatic. However if the disc is pushing any thoracic nerve, you will experience some pain around the rib cage at the level ... ... read more