what is what does 14k fa mean stamped on a gold ring?

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I'm going to get a second opinion but sounds like the ring is 14K gold ... I found out today that jewelry stamped 14kf ... 14KF Marking... What does it mean? in ... - read more

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what is what does 14k fa mean stamped on a gold ring? community answers

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Hallmarks: What’s Engraved Inside My Ring? ... as 14K 1/20 indicates the piece is gold filled and that the gold used is 14 karat and the entire ring is 1/20 gold, ... ... read more
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Feb 10, 2012 · Marks Stamped Inside ... of the ring is 14k Yellow Gold. ... I. is the Manufacturer's Mark and 14k is the 14k Yellow Gold Content. 3) FA PT 900 ... ... read more
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Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals; What does a ... an item which is gold filled and the layer is 14k gold ... There is the possibility that the mark intends to mean 14k gold ... ... read more