what is transitory income?

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The permanent income hypothesis (PIH) is an economic theory attempting to describe how agents spread consumption over their lifetimes. First developed by ... - read more

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A permanent income hypothesis is a theory of consumer spending which states that people will spend money at a level consistent with their expected long term average ... ... read more
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Her scowl,--as the world, or such part of it as sometimes caught a transitory glimpse of her at the window, wickedly persisted in calling it,--her scowl had done Miss ... ... read more
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-3-ThePermanentIncomeHypothesisexplainsthatconsumptionisnota functionofcurrentincomebutafunctionofpermanentincome.Total income,Y,iscomposedoftwocomponents,Y4-Y ... read more
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b. life-cycle income. c. transitory income. d. an in-kind transfer. ANS: C DIF: 2 REF: 20-1 NAT: from ECON Econ at City Colleges of Chicago ... read more
d. transitory income, which is its money income plus any in-kind transfers it receives. ANS: A DIF: from ECON Econ at City Colleges of Chicago ... read more
1 Introduction How do consumers respond to transitory income shocks? Answering this question has widespread im-plications for a variety of macroeconomic questions ... ... read more
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