what is three eighths as a decimal?

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My Math Midterm is tommorow and I am stumped... how do you turn 1 and 3/8 into a decimal ... Are you looking for three examples of places where we use percents? - read more

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You can convert three eighths into a decimal by diving the three by the eight, which is 0.375 - read more

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How do you convert three eighths to decimal? ... You can convert three eighths into a decimal by diving the three by the eight, which is 0.375 Renne Alvarado Jr ... read more
A printable fraction chart showing eighths in the form of shaded fraction circles with the fraction ... Sixths and Eighths Spanning Three Whole Numbers (From ... ... read more
three eighths as a decimal. 0.375. three eighths as a percent. 37.5%. five eighths as a decimal. 0.625. five eights as a percent. 62.5%. seven eights as a decimal. 0.875. ... read more
Two and three eighths as a decimal = 2.375; 2 and 3 over 8 as a decimal = 2.375; ... read more
Start studying Common Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Eighths and Nineths. Learn vocabulary, ... 1/8 (decimal).125. 1/8 (percent) 12.5%. 3/8 (decimal).375. 3/8 ... ... read more
What is the percent of three eight's? Katelin ... I'm guessing you what percent is the same as three eighths? To do this you multiply 3 / 8 by 100. ... read more
but we usually just say "three hundred twenty seven point four" And that is a Decimal Number! ... The decimal point is the most important part of a Decimal Number. ... read more
Decimal equivalents of eights, sixteenths, thirty-seconds and sixty-fourths of an inch. Resources, Tools and Basic Information for Engineering and Design of Technical ... ... read more
Three decimal digits; three 0's in the denominator. And so on. ... The decimals for the rest of the eighths will be multiples of .125. Since 3 × 125 = 375, 3 8 ... read more
Fractions to Decimal . H ow do I Convert a Fraction into a Decimal? ... Example: To express three eighths (3/8) as a decimal, go to the third row in the 'n' column, ... ... read more
You can convert three eighths into a decimal by diving the three by the eight, which is 0.375 Minor ... ... read more
Write the fraction three-eighths as an equivalent fraction with a numerator of 15. Step 1: ... Are the fractions three-fourths and fourteen-sixteenths equivalent ... ... read more
Dec 06, 2010 · How do you write three and five eighths as a decimal? ... then you just divide 5 by 8 to get the decimal part. ... Math help only three questions? ... read more
eleven-eighths: improper: eight-eighths: What do the fractions in example 2 have in common? Example 2: ... It is really the sum of four-fourths and three-fourths. ... read more
Worksheet - Writing Numbers in Decimal Form Directions: ... Eight and thirty-three hundredths = 10. Seven hundred thirty-nine thousandths = 11. ... read more
You can do this by adding a decimal point to 3, then adding a 0. Add the decimal point on the top.2. 8 goes into 30 3 times, because 8 x 3 = 24. ... read more
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⅜ | | vulgar fraction three eighths (U+215C) @ Graphemica. G ... HTML Entity (Decimal) ⅜ HTML Entity (Hexadecimal) ⅜ URL Escape Code %E2%85%9C ... read more