what is the upper and lower fence in statistic?

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Apr 06, 2009 · Lower and Upper fences? Statistics? what are they? 1 ... Statistics: lower fence and upper fence? Help with this Statistics problem (outliers)? - read more

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The lower quartile value is the median of the lower half of the data. The upper quartile value is ... robust statistic ... Lower fence or above the Upper fence ... - read more

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3: Summary Statistics . Notation . ... Lower = Q1 − (1.5)(IQR) • Fence Upper ... Any value that is above the upper fence is an upper outside value. ... read more
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Box plots are useful for identifying outliers and for comparing distributions. We will explain ... Largest value below Upper Inner Fence: 24: Lower Adjacent. ... read more
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- Sample mean (x-bar) = a statistic Calculate Mean using calculator: - Stat, Select #1, Enter - Enter data in L1 ... lower fence & upper fence. Lower fence = Q1 - 1.5 ... ... read more
Since 16.4 is right on the upper outer fence, ... But 10.2 is fully below the lower outer fence, ... Stapel, Elizabeth. "Box-and-Whisker Plots: ... ... read more
The upper and lower hinges are descriptive statistics of a set of N ... H-Spread, Haberdasher's Problem, Hinge Theorem, Order Statistic, Quartile, Statistical Median ... ... read more
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The middle term value between the first term and the median is known as First or Lower quartile and is ... The differences between the upper and lower quartile is ... ... read more
If the target cell is greater than the upper fence or less than the lower fence, it’s considered an outlier and thus will evaluate to TRUE, ... ... read more