what is the texture of gamelan music?

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... and a Javanese gamelan-like heterophonic texture is emulated on occasion, ... Direct homages to gamelan music are to be found in works for western ... - read more

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Apr 16, 2010 · The project about the Gamelan Music of Indonesia. Made for my music class - read more

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In music, heterophony is a type of texture characterized by the simultaneous variation of a single melodic line. ... Japanese Gagaku, the gamelan music of Indonesia, ... ... read more
About Gamelan. A gamelan is an ... Gamelan music is known for its extensive use of polyphony. ... The texture as a whole is punctuated by the large suspended gongs, ... ... read more
A secondary school revision resource for GCSE Music about world music and gamelan music. ... Structure. People playing ... The texture is heterophonic ... ... read more
The textures of Central Javanese gamelan music: Pre-notation and its discontents Created Date: 20160808140150Z ... ... read more
The voice is then part of the orchestral texture. ... of Javanese gamelan music are determined in part by the relative placement on either scale of the basic note ... ... read more
this syle of gamelan is full of sharp contrasts of dynamics and tempo. the music can sound ... texture- what is the texture of gamelan? this texture was used in ... ... read more
Texture of Gamelan music. A way that Gamelan is different from W ... ... read more
LEARNING OBJECTIVES To understand the tonality of gamelan music To understand the relationship between melody, harmony and texture in gamelan To study the rhythm ... ... read more
... term Gamelan is not at all "percussion dependent," as it might appear. For example, flute ensembles in Bali play gamelan music exclusively, ... ... read more
This study is an attempt to elucidate what kind of melody the texture of gamelan music is made up of. ... The textures of Central Javanese gamelan music: ... ... read more
Year 8 Music Rhythm and Texture 2. ... another performs a more elaborate, decorated version of it. Heterophonic texture is found in Indonesian gamelan music. ... read more
Which of the following words best describes the texture of gamelan music? Heterophonic. ... The hands. 3. Which one of the following statements about gamelan music is ... ... read more
Teaching Gamelan in General Music Lessons in a Secondary School: An Investigation. ... on Gamelan music of Indonesia ... idea of the texture of Gamelan, ... ... read more
... Gamelan and Texture from MUS 130 ... Music Each instrument has different role ... INTRODUCTION TO JAVANESE GAMELAN Notes for Music 451 (Javanese Gamelan ... ... read more
Sep 05, 2010 · Gamelan structure (incl. colotomic & heterophonic) ... AP Music Theory: Music Texture ... GAMELAN and MUSIC for Cremation Ceremony in UBUD, ... ... read more
melodies in Central Javanese gamelan music revealed that the concept of inner ... Examining gamelan melodies and melodic texture at a time when this ... read more
Study online flashcards and notes for MUEL Midterm 2 including Where is raga from? : india ; where is mbira from? : ... the texture of balinese gamelan music. ... read more
Western Artists and Gamelan. ... dissonances, timbre, form, texture, rhythm, ... Also similar to gamelan music is the way Debussy develops and expands his principal ... ... read more
Texture Gamelan is heterophonic. Different instruments play different versions of the same melody. Instruments / Technology . ... BBC Bitesize - Gamelan Music. ... read more
Javanese and Balinese Gamelan Music All Music Guide ... Javanese Gamelan Music (Main sources: ... either to sing solo songs or simply to add to the musical texture, ... ... read more
musical elements The Indonesian word ... The texture of Balinese gamelan music is highly layered, and a complex polyphonic texture is created. As mentioned, ... ... read more
... due to the nature of the sheet music, ... on top of each other produces a muddy texture. ... and expanded on throughout the first section of the gamelan ... ... read more
In a gamelan music concert or karawitan performance, the Kendang player or pengendang conducts the Tempo, while the melody is led by the bonang player. ... read more
... and a Javanese gamelan-like heterophonic texture is emulated on ... Direct homages to gamelan music are to be found in works for western instruments by ... ... read more
Referring to the complicated layered texture of Javanese gamelan music, Debussy wrote, ... The Javanese Gamelan and its Influence on the Music of Claude Debussy. ... read more
Gamelan music is frequently cyclic: ... The drummer will usually lead the group and signal changes in tempo, volume, texture or structure. Performing Gamelan (2) ... read more
... sometimes ethereal-sounding texture. In contrast, Balinese music is more ... cyclical time in most gamelan music. In a Balinese gamelan most of the instruments ... ... read more
gcse-music ... read more