what is sparkling lights in eyes?

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Seeing squiggles. Flashing lights. ... lights usually in both eyes,' he says. 'These flashing lights look like cracked glass or water running down over sparkling lights.' - read more

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Eyes, flashing lights in the: ... Diabetes and Your Eyes; Eye Care for Diabetes; Featured Centers. Feeling Short of Breath? What Radiation Can Do For Cancer; - read more

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Sep 22, 2008 · bright lights in field of vision . I've had 2 or 3 episodes where I have rather intense, ... The lights that you see, is what is called a "Migraine Halo". ... read more
Sudden onset of flashing lights in peripheral vision in dark situations. Save this for later. ... When I closed both eyes, I did not see the lights. ... read more
Something that's sparkling shines or glints with many little lights. You might say that the starry night sky is ... You can describe someone's eyes as sparkling, ... ... read more
Discussing the Floaters, Flashes and Haloes that are common and rare ... This may present as scintillating lights, ... and usually drift when the eyes stop moving. ... read more
I have had a couple of experiences where I have seen a blue or green sparkle in full consciousness with my eyes ... lights in the air can ... Psychic and Medium ... ... read more