what is pbo2 oxidation number?

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Sep 18, 2007 · In this case, you are required to determine the oxidation number of Pb in PbO2. ... What is oxidation state of Pb in PbO2? Add your answer. Source ... What are the oxidation numbers of PbO2? | Yahoo... Dec 29, 2007 3 answers Calculate the oxidation number of Pb in Pb3O4.? |... May 25, 2013 6 answers what's the oxidation number of lead in PbSO4? |... Sep 19, 2007 4 answers - read more

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so the oxidation number of Pb in PbO2 . Pb + 2(-2) = 0 ... Pb = 4 . and Pb +2 has oxidation number +2 . change in oxidation number is 2-4 = - 2 (reduction ) ... ... read more
If there is a change in oxidation number from one side of the equation to the other of the same species of atom, it is a redox reaction. ... read more
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H+ + MnO4─ + Pb2+ + 2 C1─ + H2O MnO + PbO2 + H+ + Cl─ Step 3: Find the 2 atoms that change their oxidation number. ... 4 H+ + 2 e─ + PbO2 MnO + 3 H2O Pb2+ + 2 ... ... read more
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