what is means apicolordotic view?

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"Suspicious densities, both. Heart is not enlarged. The hemidiaphragm and costophrenic sulci are intact. REMARKS: FOR APICOLORDOTIC VIEW." That's the ... - read more

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It means there is something in the uppermost part of the right lung that needs to be further evaluated, unless the diagnosis is already known. The x ray ... - read more

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with the tube/beam angled upward, or the patient positioned leaning back, so the top of the lungs(apices)can be better evaluated than on a standard chest xray. In ... ... read more
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Suggest apicolordotic view for better evaluati. Home; Ask a question; Contact us; Site Map; Home / General Health. Streaky densities. ... wht means apicolordotic view? ... read more
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wht means apicolordotic view? ... of density at the ryt apex.. the daiphgram is sharp and distinct.. the trachea at the midline.. suggest and apicolordotic view. ... read more
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May 31, 2007 · An apico-lordotic view is suggested for follow up study." Her ... My gf had her x-ray and the result says "suspicious left upper lung densities. ... read more
Pneumonia lung opacity. ... hence the apicolordotic view, means the ordinary X rays cannot visualize this area of the lung, so this is a special view from top. ... read more
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View, Tingnan, , , Translation, human translation, automatic translation. ... Language pair: ... ... read more