what is l4 5 disc bulge with thecal sac impingement?

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A herniated disc impinging on the thecal sac is a diagnostic conclusion often found on spinal MRI reports. Learn all about thecal sac impingement ... disc indenting ... - read more

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Thecal sac impingement is often noted on diagnostic imaging reports of people with various back pain and neck pain conditions. The thecal sac is the protective ... - read more

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Thecal sac impingement of l4 l5. ... MRI reports indicated disc bulge, thecal sac,neural formina causing mild to moderate compression over L4&L5 existing nerve root. ... read more
Answers.com WikiAnswers ® Categories Health Pain Back Neck and Spinal Pain Disc bulge at the level of l4-5 with impingement on thecal sac? ... disc bulge. Thecal sac ... ... read more
2.bilateral postero lateral disc bulge at L4-5 level more towards left side.There is thecal sac indentati... Communities; ... MRI of lumbo sacral spine dollykurian ... ... read more
What is a Thecal Sac : ... Herniated disc or enlarged ligamentum flavum substantially contributes to compression of the ... 5, 6] Treatment of Thecal Sac Compression ... ... read more
Dr. Schirmer responded: Not enough info. While it may be difficult to say without looking at the images themselves it sounds like you have disc bulges, not an ... ... read more
Dr. Fisher responded: You need to.... ...ask your doc to go over the images with you & point out & explain the findings. In ... ... read more
Thecal sac impingement can lead to painful conditions. What is the Thecal Sac? ... or degeneration. 8 Some patients may have a diffuse disc bulge, which can ... ... read more
bulging discs L5-S1, L4-5 ... flattening of the thecal sac. Disc material extends for only 5 or 6 mm dorsal vertebral ... disc bulge at the L4-L5 is unlikely ... ... read more
Oct 19, 2011 · central disc protrusion in L4-L5 ... DISC BULGE WITH CENTRAL DISC PROTRUSION IN L4-L5 DISC WITH ... protrusion of L4-5 disc indenting the thecal sac. ... read more
The thecal sac is a ... Thecal Membrane Impingement. A great number of MRI results state that a bulging disc or herniated disc is impinging upon the thecal sac. ... read more
How is thecal sac compression treated. ... and l4 bulge. What can be done about the thecal sac. ... It looks like your husband has a new bulge of the disc at L4-5. ... read more
Disc Herniation compressing thecal sac and ... the MRI scan showed that I have a Posterocentral subligamentous disc herniation at L5-S1 compressing the thecal sac ... ... read more
Posterior disc protrusion refers to a spinal disc that has weakened and expanded backward from its normal position. ... A posterior bulge, therefore, ... ... read more
Impingement thecal sac, ... thecal sac impingement. ... Diffuse disc bulge at L3-L4 causing indentation on thecal sac bilateral mild ... ... read more
... posteriors disc bulge causing thecal sac ... L4-5 indenting anterior thecal sac and bilateral ... Ken Nakamura Downtown Toronto Chiropractor ... ... read more
General Lumbar Spine & Disc Anatomy. The lumbar ... traversing nerve root of L5 which is still contained within the thecal sac. For example, at the L4 disc level, ... ... read more
I suspect possible impingement on the exiting L3 nerve root. L4-L5-There is a decreased ... the ventral thecal sac causing a ... disc bulge is noted at ... ... read more
Posterolateral impingement on the thecal sac gives the classic ... showing severe canal stenosis at the L4-5 level, produced by a combination of disc ... ... read more
Lumbar Disc Herniation: ... Figure 1 is a disc-level cut through the L4/5 motion segment that demonstrates a large disc ... severely compressing the thecal sac, ... ... read more
Diffuse bulge with right paracentral protrusion of L5-S1 IV disc compressing thecal sac contents & mild ... noted disc bulge at c4-c5,c5-c6,l4-l5 and l5-s1 ... ... read more
Can Thecal Sac Injury Lead To ... impingement. L3-4 There is a disc bulge and bilateral foraminal impingement. There is no thecal sac impingement. L4-5 There is a ... ... read more
Oct 13, 2008 · ... neuroforminal impingement. L4-5 - Broad based bulge ... bulge flattening the ventral thecal sac. ... L4-5 -- disc bulgethat is supressing the sac in ... ... read more
Aug 22, 2009 · ... farlateral disc bulge causing thecal sac and foraminal narrowing with impingement of exting nerve roots. L4-L5 diffuse posterior ... L2-L3, L3-L4 Disc ... ... read more
... spondylosis and a disfigured thecal sac due to disc impingement. ... Can Thecal Sac Injury Lead To Paralysis ... 4.SMALL CENTAL POSTERIOR DISK PROTRUSION AT L4-5 ... read more
... At L4-5, there is broad based disc bulge and superimposed small central disc protrusion slightly indenting the ventral thecal sac. ... L4-5 and L5-S1 disc. ... read more
How JustAnswer Works: ... which flattens the ventral thecal sac at L1-2, at L2-3 is a 3mm disc bulge, at L3-4 is a 2mm disc bulge, L4-5 is a 3mm disc ... ... read more
thecal sac indentation, diffuse disc bulge, ... Spine Surgery; Lumbar Slip disc; ... s1 disc casuing thecal sac indentation. Diffuse disc bulge of l4.5 dis is ... ... read more
Feb 22, 2004 · Need Help!Moderate DISC protrusion IMPINGING ON the THECAL SAC/SPINAL CANAL...SERIOUS? Can anyone tell me if this is serious or just a exaggerated ... read more