what is how can i see if someone has claimed my child?

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What if Someone Else Claimed Your Child as a Dependent? Search the ... and the IRS rejects your tax return because someone else has already claimed your dependent. ... - read more

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But, here's what you do: If someone else claimed your dependent child inappropriately, ... How do I find out if someone has used my dependent on their income taxes, - read more

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What if somebody already claimed my dependent? ... if you know who claimed your dependent, ... Amendment processing can take weeks, ... ... read more
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Jul 10, 2011 · no you can't find out if someone claimed your child unless you filed a tax ... How to check if my child was claimed on someone else ... please see our ... Someone has illegally claimed my children on... Feb 18, 2007 8 answers what can i do if someone claims my child for... Oct 23, 2008 14 answers How to find out if my child has been claimed by ... Mar 24, 2007 7 answers ... read more
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... tax return and it gets rejected because someone else has already claimed your child. ... My Ex Claimed My Kid: ... you’ll see how much the fourth child is ... ... read more
Can I Claim a Child on My Tax Return? Claiming a child on your ... If the child can be claimed by ... You can’t claim the EITC if someone else can ... ... read more
Only one claim can be made per person, however, so if you suspect that someone has claimed you or one of your dependents on their taxes, ... ... read more
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The Dirty Dozen: 12 Tricky Tax Dependent ... Each child you can claim as ... today's complex living arrangements often raise questions as to just whom can be claimed ... ... read more
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