what is gently pasteurized mean?

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Subject: What does "gently pasteurized" mean? Anonymous: Anonymous wrote:Just FYI OP, there's a pending class action lawsuit against Naked brand Juices, ... - read more

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I think the description of “gently pasteurized” carries no weight in this context because it is a statement made by a corporation trying to peddle their wares. - read more

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Cream cheese can be made with raw milk as you so beautifully ... By gently pasteurized I mean not taking it much over 140 degrees F. and then holding it there for ... ... read more
What does it mean when OJ (orange juice) is pasteurized? Question #33008. Asked by bob. ... Answer has 1 vote Vote for this answer. Pasteurized means heating the ... ... read more
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How to Pasteurize an Egg. ... Gently place the yolk in the bowl. ... Here is the mayonnaise I made today with the egg I pasteurized as pictured above: ... read more
If you can’t achieve this setup, then you’ll just need to be careful to heat the milk gently. ... Store pasteurized milk in the refrigerator. NOTE: ... ... read more