what is female mayan god names?

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This is a name list of Maya gods and supernatural beings playing a role in the Classic ... The god of bees. Ah Peku The god of ... Mark, Joshua, The Mayan Pantheon: ... - read more

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Choose from 1000’s of Mayan names and unravel their Native American origins, mythical backgrounds and singular meanings! baby names; Create My Belly Ballot; Login; - read more

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Mayan Baby Names: User Rating: / 24 Poor Best . Doomsday. ... On this date, the Mayan god returns, the sun shifts and violent earthquakes reset the calendar to zero. ... read more
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Mayan Gods and Goddesses. ... Mayan god of rain, ... patroness of womanly crafts, was possibly a female manifestation of the god. ... read more
Names of gods, goddesses and angels of the Hawaiian system ... Female were equal to males and held just as much power ... to a god of maize, or corn. AZTEC & MAYAN GODS ... read more
Mayan Goddesses. Site Index . Mayan ... A Mayan virgin who conceived a child after the Lord of Existence breathed ... and the first female entity to experience ... ... read more
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Mayan Names. Even now, Mayan hieroglyphs can not be completely read. The names that follow are an approximation of what Mayan names were like. ... Female Names Xoc ... ... read more
List of Aztec gods and supernatural beings ... god of excess. ... god of maize. Citlalicue, goddess of female stars . ... read more
Feminine Names. Home » Names. ... In Irish legend this was the name of a female warrior of the Fianna. ... Means "the hand of God" in Igbo. ... read more
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Ometochtli Two-Rabbit is a god and also the name of a sacred drink created by the gods. ... As the bringer of culture he became the state-god of the Mayan empire. ... read more
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