what is does lysol kill pinworms?

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Jun 27, 2008 · My sister just found out her daughter has pinworms. ... Does lysol kill pin worms and their eggs? ... Can Lysol kill parasitic worm eggs? - read more

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... has pinworms. I plan ... add garlic toast to your diet for several days as the eggs will be hatching and you want to kill those ... buy a case of lysol spray ... - read more

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... (IALD) does not support House Bill 2649. Please consider doing the same. Texans, please call your senator and tell them to VOTE NO on 2649. ... ... read more
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Children with pinworms do not need to miss any child care or school. ... Machine-washing at hot temperature will kill any eggs present in clothing or bedding. ... ... read more
Usually a base ingredient for many other disinfectants. For example, Lysol ... does not damage ... easily available, will kill most ... ... read more
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