what is computer hacker and its type?

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In computer security, a hacker is someone who focuses on ... The help desk is the most vulnerable to this type of social engineering, as (a.) its general ... - read more

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What is a Hacker? Brian Harvey University of California, Berkeley. In one sense it's silly to argue about the ``true'' meaning of a word. A word means whatever people ... ... read more
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How to Look Like You're a Professional Computer Hacker. ... Type start and press enter. Another command prompt should come up. Line it up with the other one, ... ... read more
To protect your computer and the information on it, ... The same SSID may be assigned to all hardware of the same type. Back to link 2. ... read more
How to Become a Hacker. In computer security, a hacker is someone who focuses on security mechanisms of computer and network systems. There is a community and shared ... ... read more
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... laws regulating its use ... Its definition of a "protected computer" was ... There are other laws in the federal statutes that have been applied to hacker ... ... read more
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You asked about the penalties under state law for computer ... through or into the computer network of an electronic mail service provider or its ... ... read more
Hacker definition, a person or thing that hacks. See more. Dictionary.com; Word of the Day; ... one who enjoys computer programming for its own sake," 1976, ... ... read more
Complexity in Computer Science And its varied type ... Complexity is that property of a model which makes it difficult to formulate its overall behavior in ... ... read more
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The term "companion virus" refers to an older type of computer virus which doesn't alter ... A collection of software tools used by a hacker in order to mask ... ... read more
State computer crime laws differ widely, ... This type of crime includes instances where a person physically accesses someone else's computer, ... ... read more