what is chronological age versus biological age?

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Your Biological Age is a truer measure of you age that your date of birth ... Your real Biological Age is different to your chronological age (or biological clock) ... - read more

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Human Body's Chronological And Biological Age May Differ: ... a chronological age and a biological age. Chronological age refers to the actual time a human has been ... - read more

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Rejoice, for your chronological age is, ... researchers calculated a biological age for each participant and then compared the changes in these measurements over ... ... read more
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Chronological age versus biological age. What does this mean, how can we feel younger even as we inevitably age each year? The saying goes you are only as old as you ... ... read more
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Biological age test; Rate-of-ageing test; Body Type Test; ... This free biological age test will estimate your body's real age, compared to your chronological age. ... read more
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Real age calculator provides longevity information and calculates your approximate health age or biological age as well as ... at a later age than chronological age. ... read more
were born, but what about your actual body age? Measure your biological age in ... Well done your Biological Age is XX. Don't worry there is still lots you can do. ... read more
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Biological versus chronological ovarian age: implications for assisted reproductive technology. ... Biological versus chronological ageing of oocytes, ... ... read more
Definition of Chronological Age. How old are you? That is a question we all have been asked at one time or another. Your response to this question depends on two ... ... read more
Abstract: Lloyd, RS, Oliver, JL, Faigenbaum, AD, Myer, GD, and De Ste Croix, MBA. Chronological age ... Chronological age vs. biological maturation: ... ... read more
Aug 05, 2009 · There is a biological and a chronological age. Biological age focuses on senescent changes in ... What is the difference between biological age and ... ... read more
Developmental Age vs. Chronological Age 6 10 4 15 ... exhibit a mismatch in their chronological and de-velopmental ages. The “cause” might be situational, ... read more
... Developmental vs. Chronological age. What to Expect #4: Developmental vs. Chronological age. By Our International Adoption Coordinator Megan Montgomery ... ... read more
What’s Your Biological Age? What’s Your Biological Age? by Dr. Julian Whitaker Filed Under: General ... Regardless of your chronological age, ... ... read more
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Chronological Versus Corrected Age How to calculate your baby's actual age versus adjusted age ... first according to a pre-programmed biological sequence and ... ... read more
Your Biological (Real) Age ... you need to find out where it's currently set by determining your biological age versus your chronological age. Biological Age test ... ... read more
Define chronological age. chronological age synonyms, ... It is a woman's biological age, not her chronological age, ... chronological; chronological age; ... read more
Oct 25, 2009 · I'm not sure that "versus" is a proper usage of the comparison of the two concepts! "Chronological age" is the actual numerical number attached to the ... ... read more