what is can chickens eat peanut shells?

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BackYard Chickens › BYC Forum › Raising BackYard Chickens › Feeding & Watering Your Flock › Can you feed your chickens peanut shells? ... our chickens can eat ... - read more

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... you can feed them peanut shells, chickens eat many ... › Raising BackYard Chickens › Feeding & Watering Your Flock › Can I feed my chickens peanut shells? ... read more
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Healthy (and Creative) Treats for Chickens ... a can of beans and egg shells to a prepared mix or from ... not chickens. Chickens can eat both grapes and ... ... read more
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About Suet, Mealworms, and Other Bird Foods ... Peanut oils can separate in both pure peanut butter and in mixtures. ... and will eat the paper, ... ... read more