what is can cats eat mint leaves?

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... the houseplants we'd rather they not eat. Ever wonder what plants you can grow ... 6 Plants Your Cats Will Love ... Mint family - Cats can be ... - read more

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Is Mint safe for cats to eat? ... Mint won't hurt your cat. I can't imagine & have never witnessed a cat wanting ... NO. two days after a cat eats hibiscus leaves, ... - read more

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Mar 08, 2012 · Natural Remedies for Felines — Do Cats Like Peppermint? ... You can take peppermint leaves and encase them in fabric, ... goes wild for mint anything. ... read more
Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Mint leaves are widely used as a digestive aid. Peppermint leaf oil relaxes the muscular lining of the digestive tract, relieving cramps and ... ... read more
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It is owing to this scent that fresh dried leaves attract cats. ... the cats will eat ... I do a lot of herb,Parsley,Basil,sweet basil,Catmint ,mint peppermint .Also ... ... read more
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Answers.com WikiAnswers ® Categories Animal Life Mammals Land Mammals Cats (Felines) Can your cat eat mint? What would you like to do? ... Can you eat mint leaves? yes ... read more
Peppermint tea for the feline soul. Posted by Laura Logsdon ... I has no idea cats can have it! I drink mint tea everyday and my cats are never interested in it. ... read more
... you can grow a healing garden for your cat or dog. ... Your pet will find the leaves of the peppermint herb, ... and it is toxic to cats. ... read more
Home › Edible Gardens › Herbs › Mint. Catmint Herb: ... Catnip is also found to be highly attractive to cats, ... The leaves and shoots can be added to soups ... ... read more
Toxicity: Toxic to Dogs, Toxic to Cats, Toxic to Horses. Toxic Principles: Essential oils and psoralens. Clinical Signs: ... 150th Anniversary: Join the ASPCA ... read more
... in dogs and cats. ... so no amount or type of chocolate should be considered “safe” for a dog to eat. Chocolate toxicity can ... The avocado tree leaves ... ... read more
---Parts Used---Leaves, herb. ---Habitat---Catmint or ... which bears a certain resemblance to that of both Mint and ... the cats will eat it, If you sow it, the cats ... ... read more
... An Infamous Plant with Magical Effects on Cats! ... flowering plants in the Mint family ... I have certainly seen many cats enjoy the leaves from a fresh catnip ... ... read more
I'm assuming it's just mint, ... out peppermints to eat, the cats will attemp to thick their ... Our Feline Companions › Cat Health › My cats LOVE peppermint! ... read more
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