what is caesar nero 666?

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666. The Number of the beast is described in the passage of Revelation 13:15–18. The actual number is only mentioned once, ... Nero Caesar (Roman Emperor from 54-68). - read more

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"And his (Nero's) number is 666." This End ... number is (the existing number of this man "is") 666 (specifying Caesar Nero). ... ... read more
Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus (adoption to accession) ... contend that the number 666 in the Book of Revelation is a code for Nero, ... ... read more
666 and CÆSAR NERO . ... just how is Nero linked to 666? ... the Latin Nero Caesar becomes "nrwn qsr," which when using the numeric equivalent of the letters, ... ... read more
Multitudes today assume that 666 is a number ... that the Greek spelling of “Nero Caesar ... Christian Research Institute ... ... read more
Dec 21, 2011 · The mystery of 666 Explained - Nero! {Ecumenical thread} ... Better known as Nero Caesar. ... that 666 signifies Nero). ... read more
The Mark of the Beast – 666 or 616? May 10, 2005 by Gary DeMar 5 Comments. Share 189. Tweet 6 +1 1. Pocket. ... When Nero Caesar’s name is transliterated into ... ... read more
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PROBLEMS WITH NERO AND 666? ... In a previous posting I presented the argument that John’s mysterious number 666 was referring to Nero Caesar ... ... read more
One of the most despicable manifestations of human flesh ever to disgrace this planet was Nero Claudius Caesar. ... Jackson, Wayne. "Nero Caesar and the Christian ... ... read more
What's up with 666, the "mark of the beast ... under gematria, in which numbers are assigned to letters, 666 is the sum of the numbers of the name Nero Caesar ... ... read more
Better known as Nero Caesar. ... This is the essence of Scripture’s warnings to the early Christians against taking upon themselves the "mark of the beast". 666 is ... ... read more
I was watching the History channel last night and they made mention that the number 666 (the mark of the beast) when translated in Hebrew, ... 666=Nero Caesar ... read more
I was watching the History channel last night and they made mention that the number 666 ... means Nero ... Log in or Sign up ... 666=Nero Caesar ... ... read more
Jan 20, 2008 · Does this mean that there is some kind of a corralation between Nero and Lucifer? Or is 666 merely a ... 666, Nero, and Satan? I have ... was the mark of ... ... read more
Was Nero The Anti Christ? Thursday ... I heard that in the Hebrew language each letter has a numerical value and when you translate number 666 to corresponding ... ... read more
Why Is the Number of the Beast 666? February 11, 2015. ... on the basis of a Hebrew transliteration of the title “Nero Caesar.” However, ... ... read more
... = "Nero the lord"; Ne/rwn Kai=sar o( ku/rioj (OPetr 288; POxy 246) = "Nero Caesar the lord"; Ne/rwn ... (666). The Nero proposal wasn't offered by scholars ... ... read more
Margaret Starbird explains why 666 Mark of the Beast is not Caesar Nero. ... 666” — the number of the beast” — is to be identified with “Caesar Nero.” ... read more
Nero Caesar = 666 commentary using A Testimony of Jesus Christ. ... Nero Caesar = 666 and more! Toggle search Toggle navigation. Read Toggle Dropdown. Bible Versions; ... read more
Jul 18, 2009 · In what number system is 666 nero ... to 666. Nero was a close candidate, but his name had to have an “n” attached to it to equal 666 (i.e., “Neron ... ... read more
The Antichrist is Nero Resurrected. ... In his will, Caesar had adopted Octavian and made him his heir. ... The number of a man who is the Antichrist is 666. ... read more
Neron Caesar = 666 in Hebrew gematria, he was reincarnated as Ronald(6) Wilson(6) Reagan(6): 666 Yuku free ... 666 antichrist, nero caesar, ... ... read more
Caesar Augustus brought an age of Peace called "Pax Romana" meaning "Roman Peace ... R=200 totals 666. This spelling of Nero Caesar was found in the ... ... read more
It makes the famous claim that the coded name of the Antichrist is 666, which can mean Nero Caesar in ... The belief that Nero was the Antichrist was still current ... ... read more
Source and interpretation of "666." Is the correct number 666 or 616? ... In Hebrew, "Nero Caesar" is spelled "נרון קסר", pronounced "Neron Qe[i]sar". ... read more
"Nero Ceasar" = 666 in Hebrew ... One of the things they refer to is "Nero Caesar in Greek added up to 666". Nero burnt Roma in 64 AD and had St. Peter & St. Paul ... ... read more
The NUMBER 666 and the NAME of the BEAST Without Using GEMATRIA . Why have ... is purported to be the name of NERO CAESAR ... ... read more
Who Is the Antichrist? Article ID: ... His number is 666” ... Nero Caesar. Ancient accounts of Nero’s life, ... ... read more