what is bulbous growth on nose?

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This section discusses 101 medical conditions causing Bulbous nose. A simple discussion of these causes with additional information is below. Conditions listing ... - read more

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bul·bous (bŭl′bəs) adj. 1. Resembling a bulb in shape; rounded or swollen: a bulbous nose; a bulbous stem base. 2. Botany Bearing bulbs or growing from a bulb ... - read more

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Rhinophyma is a rare skin disorder characterized by a large, red, bumpy nose. It’s sometimes called “bulbous nose” or “phymatous rosacea.” ... read more
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Rhinophyma is a condition causing development of a large, bulbous, ruddy nose associated with granulomatous infiltration, commonly due to untreated rosacea. ... read more
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