what is akika meat?

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Expert: Abo Muhammed Samir Faid - 11/4/2007. Question when the child is born akika (killing of goat) is performed, why?n when it can be performed, on which day? - read more

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i want to know what is aaqqeqa the qurbani which has to be done after the birht of a son two goats or sheep. and the meat--how is it distributed does it have th - read more

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But in Shia Islam, there is no difference in the number of sheep slaughtered irrespective of the gender of the baby. Aqiqah is a Sunnat al Mu'akkadah (confirmed sunnah). ... read more
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Rites At The Birth of a Child: Circumcision & Aqiqa. ... After the sacrifice, the greater part of the meat should be distributed among the poor and needy. ... read more
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Mar 30, 2016 · Muslim parents do not traditionally hold a "baby shower" prior to the child's birth. The Islamic alternative is the aqiqah, a welcoming celebration which ... ... read more
Hidaya Foundation helps the poor and needy with Zakat, Sadaqa and Qurbani under Social Welfare, Education, Health Care, and Self Employment projects. ... read more
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As-salamu alaikum.Want to know about the rule of AKIKA. How to use the AKIKA meat. This is a question asked by a reader like yourself. ... read more
The legal status of Aqiqah and its ruling is commonly misunderstood in our communities. Therefore ... How should you distribute the meat of Aqiqah. ... read more
As a provincially licensed slaughterhouse, L & M Meat Distributing Inc offers custom and religious slaughter of beef, goat and sheep. We take freezer orders. ... read more
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What is the right way to do Aqiqa? ... What is the Dua for performing the sacrifice of the Akika from ... The mother cannot eat the meat of the Qurbani if she is ... ... read more
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... aqeeqah Published Date: 2012-01-05 167711 - There is nothing wrong with slaughtering the ‘aqeeqah and distributing the meat raw Published Date: ... ... read more
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