what is a vacuole job?

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When a plant cell has stopped growing, there is usually one very large vacuole. Sometimes that vacuole can take up more than half of the cell's volume. - read more

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... (cytology) What is a vacuoles job in a ... that plays roles in digestion and the release of cellular waste products.The job of vacuole in a cell are to ... - read more

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A vacuole (/ ˈ v æ k juː oʊ l /) is ... ... read more
Function of the Vacuole. ... Typically, their job includes isolating harmful materials, storing waste products, storing valuable water in a plant cell, ... ... read more
At each end of the cell is a vacuole containing small granules that show an active dancing movement. ... read more
Vacuole (plants) Quick look: ... A vacuole is often considered to be the plant equivalent of a lysosome in animal cells. ... read more
Plant Cell Vacuoles. ... The central vacuole also contains plant wastes that taste bitter to insects and animals, ... ... read more
Mar 28, 2008 · I am doing a scince proj and it just acurred to me that i do not know what the vacuole does in the plant ... What does the vacuole in the cell do as a job ... ... read more
Quick Answer. The function of the vacuole depends on the type of cell in which it is found. One of the main functions of the vacuole is to isolate materials that ... ... read more
What made you want to look up vacuole? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). show hide. WORD OF THE DAY. nightmare play . ... read more
The contractile vacuole acts as part of a protective mechanism that prevents the cell from absorbing too much water and possibly lysing (rupturing) ... ... read more
Plant Vacuoles. Francis Marty 1; Laboratoire de phyto ... Technical progress has variously altered the operating definition of the plant vacuole over time. Today ... ... read more
Answers.com WikiAnswers ® Categories Animal Life What is the job of the ... digestion and the release of cellular waste products.The job of vacuole in a cell are ... ... read more
The central vacuole contains selective transport proteins that allow ions to pass in and out in order to adjust solute concentrations inside and outside the vacuole ... ... read more
Define vacuole. vacuole synonyms, vacuole pronunciation, vacuole translation, English dictionary definition of vacuole. n. 1. ... read more
Vacuoles are much larger in plant cells than in animal cells. Function: ... The vacuole also contains powerful enzymes that are capable of destroying the cell, ... ... read more
By Mariana Ruiz LadyofHats, labels by Dake modified by smartse [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Vacuole Organelle. A vacuole is a cell organelle found in a ... ... read more
A cell is a tiny world of elements, one of which is the vacuole. Found in both plant and animal cells, ... ... read more
The central vacuole is a cellular organelle ... Creative Director Job Description Duties and ... Central Vacuole in Plant Cells: Definition & Function Related Study ... ... read more
What good is a Vacuole? In this article you will find out more about cell vacuoles. ... A vacuole acts like a rubbish bin, ... ... read more
The main function of the large central vacuole in plant cells is to provide structural support; however, it serves other functions such as protection, ... ... read more
Function of a Vacuoles: Storage Sacs for Survival. ... It’s the job of the vacuole to store this water and thus increase the cell size which adds to the overall ... ... read more
Plant cells have a large central vacuole that stores water and other materials. The central vacuole helps the cell maintain its volume and structure. ... read more
Vacuole. Home » Vacuole. Definition. noun, plural: vacuoles. A membrane-bound vesicle found in the cytoplasm of a cell whose function includes intracellular ... ... read more
Vacuole, in biology, a space within a cell that is empty of cytoplasm, lined with a membrane, and filled with fluid. Especially in protozoa, vacuoles are cytoplasmic ... ... read more
job. made of. found in. shape. store fluids. lipid membrane. all. sphere. job. store fluids. made of. lipid membrane. 12 terms. ... FOOD VACUOLE, LARGE VACUOLE AND ... ... read more
Jan 28, 2007 · The vacuole's main job is removing waste products inside the cell. Frankie · 2 years ago . 2. ... can everybody tell me that what is the function of vacuole? ... read more
7th Grade Life Science. f: Life Introduction: Animals and Scientfic Inquiry : Cells : Genetics And Evolution : Ecology: f: ... Plant cells usally have 1 large vacuole. ... read more
Also called the central vacuole, its main job is to maintain turgor pressure inside of the plant. ... Tonoplast: Definition & Function 4:29 ... ... read more
Since the vacuole occupies a much greater volume than the cytoplasm most of the cellular Na + is in the vacuole. ... read more