what is a giraffes favorite food?

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What do giraffes eat? Mainly, giraffes are browsers, that is, they eat the leaves of bushes and, ... A favorite giraffe food, Acacia nilotica. Note the large thorns. - read more

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Discover why giraffes are much more ... (acacias are a favorite). ... A giraffe eats hundreds of pounds of leaves each week and must travel miles to find enough food. - read more

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As agricultural settlement expands, the giraffe's main source of food, the acacia tree, ... Animal Sex: How Giraffes Do It; How the Giraffe Got Its Iconic Neck; ... read more
It’s easy to understand why giraffes top the list of so many people’s favorite ... giraffe. So, giraffes go to ... giraffe calves—they can reach the food, ... ... read more
... form very flexible joints which allows the giraffe to reach food high up in the trees. The giraffes long ... Their favorite food, ... KidsKonnect is a ... ... read more
Spending most of the day eating, a full-grown giraffe consumes over 45 kg ... Blog Posts about the Giraffe. Giraffes Now Vulnerable of Extinction - December 7, 2016; ... read more
Giraffe habitat consists of the savannas and dry open woodlands of ... which is one of the giraffe’s favorite foods. Giraffes also enjoy the leaves of mimosas ... ... read more
San Diego Zoo Kids has giraffe pictures and giraffe facts to help your child ... Food: Acacia leaves ... Male giraffes use their horns Growths on the head of an ... ... read more
"For The Love of Africa" ... Favorite food – Acacia Leaves ... are often seen "hitching" a ride on the backs of Giraffes. They help keep the Giraffe parasite free ... ... read more
Giraffe Facts. Giraffes are one of the landmarks of Africa. ... Favorite food of giraffes is acacia. They also like leaves of mimosa and apricots. ... read more
Animal Food & Nutrition Center; ... including acacia, mimosa, and wild apricot - provide giraffes' favorite foods: leaves ... Reticulated giraffe at a watering hole ... ... read more
Aug 01, 2016 · ... Giraffes are among the most ... a mass of semi-digested food ejected from their ... necks allow Giraffes to reach their favorite ... ... read more
Answers.com WikiAnswers ® Categories Animal Life Mammals Land Mammals Giraffes What is a giraffe's favorite kind of ... of acacia trees which are its main source of ... ... read more
But what do giraffes eat? ... giraffes are ma favorite animals ... many herbivores have been known to eat meat when there is no other food available or they are ... ... read more
The favorite food of the giraffe is the leaves of the acacia tree. When feeding, ... Giraffes eat the leaves and buds from bushes and trees. ... read more
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden ... Giraffes also use their extended ... Thick saliva protects the giraffe’s tongue from the thorns of its favorite food ... ... read more
Giraffes eat foliage (broad leafed deciduous and evergreen), grass, ... Their favorite food is the acacia tree. A giraffe browses most of the day, ... ... read more
The Masai giraffe has a very irregular pattern of fuzzy-edged ... Giraffes are found throughout sub-Saharan ... Food : Giraffes browse high in the trees ... ... read more
So, Marius's keeper lured him with a piece of rye bread, his favorite food, ... All of which raises some questions: Why is the zoo breeding reticulated giraffes, ... ... read more
The prehensile tongue is perfectly adapted to its favorite food, ... Why do giraffes have black tongues? Why do giraffes have blue tongues? Why are giraffes so tall? ... read more
This article is about the some of the imperative giraffe facts for kids ... A Group of Giraffes Giraffe Facts For Kids. ... While eating, giraffes usually chew food ... ... read more
Giraffe's Niche in the Ecosystem. ... but their favorite food is the leaves of the acacia trees. ... Birds don't prey on giraffes, but giraffes provide food, ... ... read more
Eating Habits; LIFE CYCLE; FUN FACTS; WORKS CITED; Yum, ... their favorite food is acacia (uh KAY shuh) ... Giraffes can’t see predators when they are drinking water. ... read more
The West African giraffe ... What are West African giraffes? The West African giraffe ... with Acacia trees being their utmost favorite. The West African giraffe ... ... read more
My Favorite Animal Giraffe Three Facts Giraffes are my favorite animal because of how tall and unique they are. ... Giraffes eat about 75 pounds of food a day! Fact 2 ... read more
21 Things You Didn’t Know About Giraffes. ... they stay hydrated through condensation and food. 200 endangered West African Giraffes ... Giraffes favorite food ... ... read more
Despite this latitude in food choices, giraffes overwhelmingly prefer browsing on the shoots and leaves of trees and shrubs, ... Giraffes use their long, ... ... read more
Food to Eat Giraffe What Giraffes eat ... They prefer living in areas with lots of acacia trees (which is their favorite food). So now you know where giraffes live! ... read more
The reticulated giraffe ... A male is able to eat 75 pounds of food in a single day. Giraffes use ... While the acacia tree is their favorite, giraffes have also ... ... read more
Giraffes have horns because ... Giraffes have evolved long necks to see predators from a great distance and to reach their favorite food sources. Giraffes consume a ... ... read more