what is 20 100 vision on a prescription?

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Jun 17, 2008 · Is that 20/100 or better binocular vision? I need to know for a job requirement. Thanks. Follow . 6 ... My prescription for contacts is -2.0 and -2.25. What prescription lenses would you need for 20... Feb 13, 2009 6 answers Is 20/100 vision bad? | Yahoo Answers May 02, 2009 10 answers - read more

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What does 20/20 vision really mean? ... They do help your eye doctor figure out whether you need prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses for your distance vision. - read more

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And how does it convert to the lens prescription your optometrist ... be an expert on the definition and understanding of 20/20 eyesight. What is 20/20 Vision? ... read more
... but one requirement is that my vision be better than 20/100 uncorrected. It's been ... When I wear a current prescription, for some odd reason, ... ... read more
... (or 20/20) vision can see ... measuring legal blindness when using newer low vision test charts with lines that can measure visual acuity between 20/100 and 20 ... ... read more
How to Understand your Eyewear Prescription. ... lenses to correct or improve your vision. The numbers on the prescription describe your eyesight ... is 20/20 . The ... ... read more
... & learn how to decode your eye prescription at ... you a better understanding of what the eyeglass prescription could say about your vision and ... ... read more
How Visual Acuity Is Measured. Posted in: ... For people who have worse than 20/400 vision, ... 20/50 20/100 20/200. Estimated prescription. Plano (zero) ... read more
How bad is 20/100 vision? ... 20/100 vision is also a measurement of visual ... eye doctor will suggest you buy a pair prescription eyeglasses for vision aids. 08/01 ... ... read more
20/20 vision is a term used to express normal visual acuity (the clarity or sharpness of vision) measured at a distance of 20 feet. If you have 20/20 vision, you can ... ... read more
Eyeglasses; Eyeglasses. We have an ... in picking out the lenses that will be best suited to your eyeglass prescription. We offer single vision ... 20/20 Vision Care ... ... read more
What does it mean when someone has 20/20 vision? Health | Eye. NEXT PAGE NEXT . Hawks ... If you have 20/20 vision, ... ... read more
A person with 20/20 vision is able to see letters 1/10th as large as someone with 20/200 vision. 20/20 is not the best possible eyesight however, ... Your Prescription. ... read more
VSP can help you decode your glasses prescription. ... which makes distance vision blurry; Presbyopia—commonly called farsightedness, ... ... read more
Enter a persons eye prescription to see an image ... The eyesight simulator. ... Whether you have just had laser eye surgery or you are discussing your vision with ... ... read more
Acuity is a measure of visual performance and does not relate to the eyeglass prescription required to correct vision. ... central visual acuity of 20/200 or less in ... ... read more
How to convert my glasses prescription into a "20/20 ... you can't convert it. 20/20 vision is considered to be "normal" vision, meaning you can read at 20 feet a ... ... read more
How to Read Your Eyeglass Prescription. ... so it makes your vision ... and N.V. stands for “Near Vision.” D.V. is where your prescription would go. N.V. is used ... ... read more
What "Low Vision" Means Signs and Symptoms of Low Vision What Causes Low Vision? What You Should Know about Low Vision There is Help for Low Vision ... read more
... people will say, "My vision is 20/100, ... including individual healing responses and prescription level. Eye Care Specialists ... Eye Care Specialists has ... ... read more
What Does 20 /400 Mean. We measure ... vision you would have to be at 20 feet to see what one with standard vision would see at 400 feet. 20/400 does not correlate to ... ... read more
... vision test (you know, 20/20, ... but I think my doc said 20/100 or ... Join the two columns out on the grid and it assigns an acuity to that prescription ... ... read more
Individuals with 20/20 vision have average visual acuity, ... Eyeglass Prescription Strength; Explore. Q: How can you get colored eye contacts? Q: ... read more
Related Questions. Q: Is 20/13 vision good? A: According to How Stuff Works, 20/20 vision means that a person can see what a normal person can see when standing 20 ... ... read more
If your vision is 20/80, you must be 20 feet away to see what a normal eye sees from 80 feet away. Refraction. ... That’s how he figures out your prescription. ... read more
The purpose of this page is to give an idea of how blurry your vision is when you don't use your glasses or contact lenses, or when you use a prescription ... 20 /20 ... ... read more
How to Read Your Eyeglass Prescription. When you look at your prescription for eyeglasses, ... the worse your eyesight and the more vision correction you need. ... read more
Mar 04, 2007 · -2.50 seems awfully slight for 20/200 vision, but what do I know. 03-05-2007 ... 20/30 translate to what prescription? Thanks again. Similar Threads: ... read more
Self-Estimating Visual Acuity. ... • 20/200 vision or worse is the legal definition of ... The "T" and the "B" on the top line are equivalent to 20/100. ... read more
I know my eyeglasses perscription, but how far am I from 20/20 vision? ... It's meaningless trying to convert the diopters on your prescription (note spelling) to 20 ... ... read more