what forces are in a catapult?

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Motion, Forces, Energy And Electricity. Subject: Physical Science ... How did the catapult set the marshmallow in motion? - read more

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What are the forces acting on catapults? ... The catapult was usually used to fling large, ... What are the forces acting on the human body? ... read more
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What are the forces acting on a catapult? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would you like to merge this question into ... What are the forces acting on the human body? ... read more
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A force is a push or pull acting upon an object ... the greater the coefficient values and the greater the friction force. Friction forces can also exist when the two ... ... read more
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Launch Time: The Physics of Catapult Projectile Motion. Retrieved February 15, ... ... read more
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So, when you stretch the catapult's elastic you are storing potential energy which can be expended very quickly by releasing the elastic band and thus accel ... read more
Predict and evaluate the movement of an object by examining the forces applied to it ... The more force you apply to a catapult, ... ... read more
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The trebuchet is similar to a first order lever, ... One perpendicular and one parallel to the trebuchet arm. There are 4 forces in all acting on the trebuchet arm ... ... read more
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