what does yo ho ho mean?

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What does “yo-ho-ho” mean? ... Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! Does this signify laughter, ... The Alien Message: What does it mean? - read more

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Dec 20, 2007 · What does ho ho ho mean? Could you please tell me what it really means? I have no clue only it has something to do with a women. And can I ... ... read more
Meaning of yo-ho-ho. What does yo-ho-ho mean? ... yo-yo ® yob; Alternative searches for yo-ho-ho: Search for Synonyms for yo-ho-ho; Quotes containing the term yo-ho-ho; ... read more
Mar 24, 2011 · Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.” ... What does the phrase "Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum" mean? Add your answer. Source. Submit Cancel. Report Abuse. ... read more
Yo-ho definition, (used as a call or shout to attract attention, ... yo; yo mama; yo-boy; yo-heave-ho; yo-ho; yo-ho-ho; yo-yo; yo-yo dieting; yo-yo ma; yob; Super ... ... read more
The yo ho slept everyone in the plant who would bed her, including my husband. ... yoho; yo hoe; yo ho hello there; Yo ho ho; yo ho ho'd; Yohohohoho; Yo-Ho-Ho Ware ... ... read more
This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of ho ... is – not how mean it is.) Least vulgar ... com/meaning-definition-of/ho">ho ... ... read more
Feb 12, 2007 · What does yo ho ho mean? Follow . 3 answers 3. ... Isn't it a sea shanty? yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!!! nosy old lady · 1 decade ago . 0. Thumbs up. 0. ... read more
"Ho ho ho" is an onomatopoeia, which is a word that sounds like what it means. It is used... Star Gazing; Yoga; Sea Creatures; Gardening; Legends; Birds; more ... read more
Feb 20, 2007 · What does the poem yo ho ho and a bottle of rum mean? i need it for my english homework because ... What does the poem yo ho ho and a bottle of rum mean? ... read more
Definition of yo. yo ... what ho; Definitions include: ... Vote how vulgar the word is – not how mean it is.) Least vulgar Most vulgar: Where is this ... ... read more
Dead Man's Chest" (also known as Fifteen Men On The Dead Man's Chest or Derelict) is a fictional sea song, ... Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!" ... ... read more
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Learn which pirate phrases are authentic, which are pure ... It was not a common pirate phrase, Little said, but it did derive from the sea chant “Yo ho,” used ... ... read more
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Nam-myoho-renge-kyo could be described as a vow, an expression of determination, ... Myo can be translated as mystic or wonderful, and ho means law. ... read more
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