what does taking coke feel like?

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What Does a Cocaine High Feel Like? Warning: Cocaine High Feelings Aren't All Good Share Pin ... and the cocaine high taking a turn for the worst. - read more

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Mar 06, 2011 · ... weed everyday . i loveee ecstasy but ive been doing it too much . i kinda want to try coke. what does the high feel like? ... what does cocaine feel like? - read more

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What does a cocaine high feel like ... (and you can suddenly taste and smell the coke), then you immediately feel ... Is the feeling of falling in love akin to taking ... ... read more
Feb 04, 2008 · What does it feel like to use cocaine? ... Dont do coke unless it is pure from colombia. ... you want to feel what it feels like? snort some horseradish . ... read more
What’s the difference between cocaine and crack? And what does it do ... You can also feel like you’ve got ... Drinking alcohol even 12 hours after taking coke ... ... read more
It depends on the quality of the coke, ... What does it feel like to try meth for the first time? ... Is it possible to try cocaine for the first time without getting ... ... read more
cocaine does to you ... are on coke. All you want to talk ... After taking cocaine, you’ll probably feel like you’ve got a bit of a cold for about 24 hours. ... read more
... what does cocaine do? the describe the coke high Cocaine ... Coke high: What does it really feel like? ... taking coke and getting really tired or relaxed is ... Experiences - What does crack feel like? - Drugs... Experiences - how does good cocaine makes u feel... ... read more
Dec 09, 2006 · ... and crush/smoosh/cut the coke until its nice and ... once in a while. you dont feel like eating but since your throat ... Urban Dictionary ... ... read more
Jun 16, 2007 · ... and happy or angry How does cocaine ... great while your taking it ... but does not slow you down like alchohol you feel more alert its ... ... read more
cocaine/crack (charlie, C, snow, coke, toot ... a blast of top quality coke can make you feel like you've just scored ... If you are being coerced into taking ... ... read more
Here are the main effects and risks of taking cocaine: It can make you feel on top of the world, ... What does cocaine look like? ‘Coke’ is a white powder. ... read more
Cocaine stimulates your central nervous system and helps you feel happy and ... and you suddenly take less or stop taking it. ... You feel like hurting yourself or ... ... read more
It makes the brain release its natural ‘feel good’ chemical dopamine. Coke usually comes ... dirty white/light brown rock-like ... Taking cocaine Sex on coke ... ... read more
It takes over your mind and you feel like, ... no other drug makes you fiend for it like coke does. ... Claims the benzo's he was taking caused this, ... ... read more
... you can "crash" and feel tired and sad for ... Their nose may be runny all the time, like they always have a ... People who are trying to quit taking cocaine ... ... read more
MDMA - What does it really feel like? ... NOW! Is MDMA supposed to be speedy, smacky, or do we just mostly get bunk in Australian pills like Coke and Heroin. ... read more
Movies like "Blow" and books like Killing ... Whatever the method of taking it in, cocaine quickly ... What's so great about being high on coke? Cocaine users ... ... read more
Feeling 'dope sick' from cocaine use; ... Evidence has shown, however, that drugs like cocaine, ... Taking care of your body is important, ... ... read more
I've always wondered the actual feelings of things like coke, meth ... How do all popular drugs feel? ... This makes you feel like mom just gave you a ... ... read more
Jun 08, 2007 · How does coke make you feel? ... I personally really like coke, ... nice with some ice and lemon .I wouldnt recommend taking cocaine it is highly ... ... read more
What Does Using Crystal Meth Make You Feel Like? - Drug-Free World ... What Does Heroin Look Like? International Statistics. The Destructive Effects of Heroin. ... read more
Jul 18, 2011 · How does cocaine make you feel? Follow . 4 answers 4. ... i guess he takes really bad coke.. it makes you feel like superman.. you can do anything, ... ... read more
Dec 09, 2006 · ... you dont feel like eating but since your throat is numb drinking water feels cool. one thing i dont like about coke is ... cocaine is taking some ... ... read more
Does Adderall Make You Feel High... Like Cocaine? Adderall ... trying to make centered on simularities between coke and ... Feel drunk when not taking Adderall: ... read more
Learn what cocaine or coke is, ... What Does Cocaine Look Like? ... When the pleasant effects of cocaine wear off users may feel 'down' or depressed, ... ... read more
how does the cocaine come down feel? i dont feel that ... how does coke kill your roll on ... no other drug will really get you feeling like a coke ... ... read more
A cocaine hangover or comedown can ... They are effectively insatiable as they never reach the nirvana high they feel like ... techniques to stop taking coke ... ... read more
What does it feel like to take an acid trip? ... What People Can Experience by Taking LSD. Up Next. Video. Could You Be Depressed? Continue Reading. Article. ... read more
Speed can wake you up, make you feel ... If you've high blood pressure or a dodgy ticker taking speed ... Try not to mix it up with drugs like poppers, coke or ... ... read more