what does semicolon mean in excel?

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Nov 02, 2009 · What does a semicolon mean in an Excel formula? Hello, I saw an ... There are a couple of special uses for the semicolon in US Excel formulas. - read more

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What does semicolon mean in formulas for excel? What does the semicolon between formulas in excel mean?. For instance, I am finding trouble locating A4:J13 . ... read more
semicolon; slash, stroke, ... In Microsoft Excel, the semicolon is used as a list separator, especially in cases where the decimal separator is a comma, ... ... read more
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For example, SUM(A1:T1; W1:Z1) in Excel function , ... What does SUM(a;b;c…) semicolon stand for in Excel. ... They mean the same thing. ... read more
Anatomy of an Excel formula: Using functions to perform calculations. ... Excel does show you the actual contents of the cell rather than the value, ... (mean) for ... ... read more
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Could anyone tell me what this means in an excel formula? what does "," mean in an excel formula ... semicolon in some cells you could use =substitute(a1,",",";"). ... read more
what does "," mean in an excel formula ... > It could mean a lot of things depending on the formula. ... semicolon in some cells you could use ... read more
Use a semicolon in place of a period to separate two sentences where the conjunction has been left out. Home; Order the Book; ... Semicolons have other functions, too. ... read more
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