what does mets and watts mean on a treadmill?

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What does METs stand for on an exercise machine? ... If you see 4 METs displayed on the treadmill, this means: You’re working 4 times as hard as you would be at rest. - read more

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Aug 17, 2013 · What Are METs on a Treadmill? by DR. KYLE P. MAY Last ... Knowing that METs stands for metabolic equivalents is helpful but what does that actually mean? - read more

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Measuring Physical Activity. Light <3.0 METs* Moderate 3.0–6.0 METs* ... ... read more
Treadmill Moody002. What is ... For instance 2 mets is the equivalent amount of work to brushing your teeth, ... or about 150 Joules/ second or watts. ... read more