what do the subscripts mean in a chemical equation?

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... and subscripts in chemical formulas play in important role. ... (the numbers in front of compounds in a chemical equation) are changed, not the subscripts. - read more

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What does a subscript mean in a chemical formula? ... Answer The Subscripts in a Chemical formula explain how ... What dose the subscript 2 mean in the chemical ... - read more

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Symbols in Chemical Equations. ... it is pronounced "yields" or "produces" when the equation is read used when the reaction can proceed in both directions ... ... read more
Subscripts and superscripts can be nested and combined in various ways. When nesting subscripts/superscripts, however, remember that each command must refer to a ... ... read more
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Balancing Chemical Equations. Chemical equations do not come already balanced. ... Two things you CANNOT do when balancing an equation. 1) You cannot change a subscript. ... read more
... (don't change the subscripts!). 2. ... What should you do first when you are balance Chemical Equations? ... Let's take a very simple chemical equation, ... ... read more
A chemical equation is the symbolic representation of a chemical reaction in the form of symbols and formulae, ... ... read more