what crops did slaves grow?

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Feb 09, 2010 · What did slaves do and grow in plantations? ... but there were food crops and other crops grown. In cities, sometimes slaves were 'hired' by factory owners - read more

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A plantation economy is an economy based on agricultural mass ... Prominent plantation crops included cotton, ... plantations continued to grow sugar cane, ... ... read more
AFRICAN CROPS AND SLAVE CUISINES By Joseph E. Holloway Ph.D. ... Slaves raised larege crops of it, being found of the seeds to make soups and puddings. ... read more
What crops were on slave plantations? ... Answer Slaves did all the ... The group of colonies that grew cash crops on plantations and used black slaves for ... ... read more
Landowners had no labor but needed crops and income. The ex-slaves rented the land and equipment from the landowners. ... What type of crops did sharecroppers plant? ... read more
... tobacco factories, laundries, and shipyards. Other slaves labored as lumberjacks, ... slaves grew other crops, such as corn or potatoes; cared for livestock; ... ... read more
Farmers near water transportation grow some cash crops for trade; ... First African slaves brought to Virginia; ... New crops from Europe include clover, ... ... read more
Why did many Southern blacks stay on the land where they'd been slaves? How did the idea of sharecropping originate? ... And if they don't grow, there's nothing to eat. ... read more
As the trees grow and become dense ... of labour realized through the increasing number of slaves. ... called plantation crops. Harvesting ... ... read more
The Varieties of Slave Labor. ... that he could not grow crops if he spent more time ... and the presence of a few slaves with ability did not soften his general ... ... read more
Find out more about the history of Slavery in America, ... to aid in the production of such lucrative crops as tobacco. Slavery was ... but slaves did marry and raise ... ... read more
Dogtrot Cabin at Belle Mont Plantation Plantation agriculture was a form of ... that used slave or paid labor to grow crops and ... Slaves generally worked ... ... read more
What did Spartans grow? SAVE CANCEL. already ... (the slaves, normally prisoners ... What did Spartans grow for crops? the spartens grew corn, ... ... read more
Aztec farming has become most ... But the gardens and particularly the chinampas were used to grow ... some who basically worked as farm hands or even slaves, ... ... read more
6.2 The importance of rice to North ... The planters who purchased these people hoped their new slaves could also grow the crop in the ... planting the crops, ... ... read more
Plantation Economy. Reading Level: ... But slaves did most of the work. ... Cash Crops Plantations needed to grow a “cash crop.” ... read more
Dec 08, 2009 · Important crops during slavery? What were crops the slaves worked on in plantations/farms? What were ... ... read more
African Slaves Brought First Rice Riches to U.S.? John Roach for National Geographic News. ... as well as one of the most lucrative crops in early American history. ... ... read more
They were runaway slaves who escaped from the plantations and went to live ... the cash crops grown by the slaves. ... Where did tobacco grow? Tobacco grew in ... ... read more
what crops did the pilgrims grow. What are the easiest vegetables to grow indoors? Wampanoag Food ... A Catechism for Slaves | Selection from Garrison's Liberator ... read more
Crops in the South; Fugitive Slave Law; Generals; ... Without their slaves, they could not grow as much crops and not make as much money which would put them in debt ... ... read more
... What kind of crops did ancient Rome grow!? ... low output and required a vast number of slaves to operate at ... didn't grow much in the way of crops!. ... read more
The Southern Colonies: Plantations and Slavery ... plantation crops like rice and tobacco. ... more slaves, they could grow more tobacco, ... ... read more
Caribbean trade ... The fertile soil and tropical climate of the Caribbean made it an ideal place to grow many crops. ... Slaves were captured ... ... read more
What crops did George Washington grow? ... the ever present stream of guests and the 300 slaves who ... How does a crops ability to grow on trees affect a crops ... ... read more
Information about the North & South: Student Handout ... the ability to grow many different crops in large amounts ... By 1860 there were 4 million slaves in America ... ... read more
In connecticut they had slaves but they had more slaves than any of the colonies, they had (6,469)slaves.The ... and to grow crops.In 1641 ,Masssachusetts ... ... read more
What crop did african slaves teach their owners to grow properly? The KGB Agent answer: ... What crop did african slaves teach their owners to grow properly? ... read more
2.5 The growth of slavery in North Carolina. ... Many of the first slaves in North Carolina were brought to the colony from the West Indies or other surrounding ... ... read more