voltage x current x time?

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Electrical power. Electricity is a ... energy = power x time = 920 x 2 x 60 = 110 400 joules(110400 J) Answer: Energy = 110 400 joules. ... power = voltage x current; - read more

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Electricity. What is Potential Difference or Voltage? ... in the above equation we get E = V x I x t. energy = voltage x current x time. We can also use the word work - read more

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Rated primary current 10 - 3 200 A Rated short-time thermal current 2 - 100…1s kA ... TPU current transformers TPU 4 x . x x voltage current dimension primary ... ... read more
Electric Power. Printer Friendly Version: ... power = voltage x (charge / time) power = voltage x current. The unit of power is the watt (or kilowatt = 1000 watts) ... ... read more
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