using a colon in a numbered list?

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Colons A colon means "that ... Avoid using a colon before a list if it directly follows a verb or preposition that would ordinarily need no punctuation in that sentence. - read more

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Colons with Lists Use a colon before a list when the list is preceded by a complete independent clause. ... (The colon separates the verb need from its complements.) - read more

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Using Numbers, Writing Lists. The ... Use a colon if the sentence is clearly ... A colon is also appropriate if the list that follows will be numbered or will ... ... read more
If the independent clause coming after the colon is a formal quote, begin that quoted language with a capital letter. Whitehead had this to say about writing style: ... ... read more
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Punctuate the lead-in with a colon. Use bulleted lists when the list ... Watch out for numbered lists with more than 8 or 10 list items; for long numbered lists, ... ... read more
Lists Information is often written in a list to ... A horizontal list may be numbered or ... DO NOT use a colon before a numbered vertical list when a sentence ... ... read more
Contrast styles for bulleted lists: ... Is a bulleted or numbered list punctuated like a sentence or is it something ... "A colon is not normally used after ... ... read more
This video on using semicolons contains a section on using semicolons in lists: The Oxford Comma This note is about commas not semicolons, ... ... read more
Proper Use of The Colon By Mark Nichol. The colon is a versatile punctuation mark. ... When a phrase that introduces a numbered, unnumbered, or bullet list, ... ... read more
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Better Writing Tips. ... with the colonintroducing the list and the semi colon separating the list items. Click here for more on hoe to punctuate bulleted or numbered ... ... read more
Grammar Workshop: How to Present a Numbered List in a Sentence. ... do not use a colon to introduce the list. Instead, do this: My reasons are (1) ... ... read more
Semicolons at the end of list ... In a numbered vertical list that completes a sentence begun in an introductory ... Use of semi colon in a list with only one ... ... read more
Bruno Pagan on Lists, Part 2: Commas and Semicolons; Timothy McAdoo on Lists, Part 2: Commas and Semicolons; Timothy McAdoo on Lists, Part 2: Commas and Semicolons; ... read more
Sep 23, 2010 · ... (numbered) list in sentence form. ... do not use a colon to introduce the list. ... using the ordinal forms of the number words, ... ... read more
Punctuation in lists. ... Occasionally, a list will be introduced by a sentence ending in a full stop rather than a colon. With all these styles, ... ... read more
What punctuation belongs before a list? ... List form: In your question, you provided an ordered list. In list form, I would only use the colon. ... read more
Semicolons, Colons, and Dashes; Semicolons, Colons, and Dashes Menu. ... Use a colon to introduce a list. The clause preceding the colon must be an independent clause. ... read more
Vertical Lists, Bullets. ... Should a list be numbered only if the material is ... Is it ever okay to start a list with a sentence ending in a period instead of a colon? ... read more
A question-and-answer article on using a colon with a bulleted list. Language Portal of Canada. ... What is the correct way to introduce a bulleted list? Can I use a ... ... read more
This guide has been written to give a simple explanation of the use of the semi-colon (;) and colon (:). ... read more
// What are the correct ways to use a... EMAIL; PRINT; Learning APA Style Learning APA Style; Online Courses; ... What are the correct ways to use a colon? Use a colon. ... read more
... the order listed — it’s actually a numbered list that ... ending with a colon, as in this bullet list. ... A Few Rounds About Bullet Lists ... ... read more
Numbered Lists. Numbered lists ... So, be sure to use the numbered list format only when the list format will add clarity to the text. ... read more
Punctuating Bullet Points . ... I take the liberty of using a colon after the word "include" in a bulleted list because the readers expect it. ... read more
Using a Colon before a List ... verb. Using a Colon before a List A colon is often used to introduce a list. ... a numbered list), ... ... read more
The colon is used to introduce a list of items. The bookstore specializes in three subjects: art, architecture, and graphic design. ... read more
Using this program is simple ... With lists. Rule #2: Use a colon after a complete statement that introduces a numbered or unnumbered horizontal list. ... Use a colon ... ... read more
Semicolons It's no accident that a ... But first, a caveat: avoid the common mistake of using a semicolon to replace a colon (see the "Colons" section). Incorrect: ... ... read more