thorn in my finger swollen?

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Plant thorn arthritis causes the involved joint to be swollen, slightly reddish, stiff, and painful. ... What symptoms did you experience with plant thorn synovitis? - read more

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Thorn in finger. Premium Questions . ... Thorn in finger; Thorn prick swollen finger; Explore HealthcareMagic. Ask a Doctor Online; Ask a Specialist; Health Questions ... - read more

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I got a thorn prick and now my finger is swelling. ... HealthTap does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For these services, please use HealthTap Prime. ... read more
Pensioner dies after pricking finger on rose ... George Emmerson died after contracting blood poisoning when he pricked his finger on a thorn while gardening. His ... ... read more
Patient Comments: Plant Thorn Synovitis ... I cut my finger with thorn on ... Stiffness and pain seem to be better but the areas stung by thorn continue to be swollen ... ... read more
A thorn pierced my glove and went into the joint at the base of my index finger. I took my glove off and ... Index main joint red, swollen and painful - thorn ... ... read more
When it fell it so happened that a thorn pricked my Left Index finger. When i pulled it out i saw ... THORN PRICKED LEFT INDEX FINGER SWOLLEN AND PAINFUL AFTER THREE ... ... read more
Aug 15, 2013 · Pain & Swelling From a Rose Bush Thorn ... but swollen with pus until ... If a thorn happens to inject Sporothrix into the knuckle of your finger or ... ... read more
A rose bush thorn punctured my finger and it became swollen. ... A rose bush thorn punctured my finger and it became swollen. ... Hot, Swollen . Answer ... read more
Dr. Arumugam responded: See your doctor ASAP. See your doctor immediately or go to the emergency room. Let them examine you and treat you. ... read more
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Rose thorn infection? (On me, not rose.) ... I got stuck in my index finger with a rose thorn over a week ago ... swollen, red finger, ... ... read more
Getting Pricked by a Rose Thorn. Serious rose thorns by Martin LaBar. ... but about 6 hours later my finger is swollen and very painful. A little redness over the joint. ... read more
... so a rose thorn pierced my hand this afternoon ... finding it difficult to bend one finger. There was no ... if it is very painful and swollen you should get ... ... read more
Do I have a rose thorn embedded in my finger? ... I thought a tiny piece of thorn might have broken off under my skin, ... my finger is still swollen on that side, ... ... read more
Hello, yesterday afternoon I got stuck by a ... by a locust thorn on my left index finger right at ... bend the finger and it was swollen to double its ... ... read more
Jan 05, 2012 · at work today I pricked my finger with a thorn from a ... I just do not want to wake up tomorrow with my whole right side swollen ... Thorn prick, finger ... ... read more
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rose thorn fear. karen1earthangel ... Now my knuckle has been swollen still. ... I read there is a mild poison on a rose thorn. I have one in my finger that is not ... ... read more
May 24, 2008 · I got a small piece of rose thorn in my pointer finger ... dont wast money on the doctor i still have a thorn in my finger and ya it hurts for a bit but ... ... read more
... and I got too close to a rose bush, and got a pretty stiff thorn to the hand, and a deep scratch up my ... my pinkie finger ... my hand if it's still swollen ... ... read more
A thorn that became embedded in my finger opened my eyes to the whacky world ... Idiot Pricked By A Rose Hospitalized OP ... They dug out the thorn and put me on IV ... ... read more
A case of rose thorn tenosynovitis ... her right index finger. Within 24h she had developed a painful dactylitis with erythema and swelling of the digit (Fig. 1). ... read more
... finding it difficult to bend one finger. There was no blood ... so a rose thorn pierced my hand this ... if it is very painful and swollen you should ... ... read more
Finger swollen red. Common Questions and Answers about Finger swollen red. finger. ... A rose bush thorn punctured my finger and it became swollen. ... read more
I got a tiny splinter or thorn or something in the side of my finger a month or so ago and ... But now the area is red and a bit swollen and ... which is the splinter. ... read more
Finger swollen infection. Common Questions and Answers about Finger swollen infection. finger. ... A rose bush thorn punctured my finger and it became swollen. ... read more
Rose thorn infection update. alisande (Zone 4b) May 30, 2008. ... (it's now wed) so... now my finger has swollen up twice the size of my other finger, ... ... read more
Found some forest trails near my house, ... Stuck by a thorn ... but a hangnail that gets infected and your finger starts rotting, well, ... ... read more