things measured in kilograms?

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Kilograms measure mass, not weight. Mass and weight are not the same thing. You have the same mass whether you are on earth or on moon or floating weightless in space ... - read more

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Although both kilograms and pounds are measured with a scale, kilograms are a measure of mass, or the amount of matter in an object. Pounds are a measure of weight, ... - read more

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Sep 02, 2008 · Objects Measured in kilograms? just list A few objects that are measured in kilograms :) Add your answer. Source. Submit Cancel. Report Abuse. list five things you can measure using grams? |... Aug 24, 2009 9 answers examples of things that weigh one kilogram? |... Aug 17, 2010 9 answers ... read more
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Weight, mass and gravity. People often confuse mass and weight. Remember that weight is a force, and is measured in newtons. Mass is measured in kilograms (kg). ... read more
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Most properties are measured using a number and a unit of measurement. The unit of measurement is a standard amount. The number compares the property to that standard ... ... read more
Kilograms Do NOT Measure Weight. ... like all other forces, is measured in Newtons (N) ... Using kilograms for weight/force/tension makes no sense at all. ... read more
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